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C U Soon

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So I am back with another early bird review. If you are wondering on why I am here midweek, it is because a new Malayalam film C U Soon has released on Amazon Prime. Its trailer looked solid and reminded me of the Hollywood film, Searching which provided such a unique and immersive experience wherein the entire film played out on a computer desktop. Also, a recently released web series, The Gone Game provided a similar experience. Coming from a small industry with a big heart and with such a unique concept, and by the way shot during lockdown as well, makes C U Soon special already. But does it give you that high at the end, lets find out!

C U Soon follows the story of Jimmy who enters the world of online dating only to find out one day that his partner goes missing. The story uplifts itself from paper as the entire drama unfolds on a computer desktop or a phone screen. It just adds a layer of storytelling! The screenplay is absolutely exhilarating! In fact at certain places, you need to keep pace with the drama. It moves at a breakneck pace and doesn’t allow you any time to even breathe! The grand reveal at the end was a tad bit of a dampner but taking nothing away from the film, it is a joyride with never a single diversion or a dull moment! The BGM is pulsating and enhances the drama. Director Mahesh Narayanan(who by the way is the director of Take Off, highly recommended on hotstar) is in red hot form here. His direction is outstanding with right elements of thrill and mystery!

There are some sparkling cameos here but mainly the story revolves around 3 principal characters. Darshana Rajendran as Anu is fabulous and such a treat to watch. Her character will keep you guessing right till the end! Roshan Mathew as Jimmy is the man of the moment isn’t he? 4 movies and 4 outstanding performances namely Choked, Moothon, Kapella and now C U Soon. What a natural actor and what a talent! Fahadh Faasil as Kevin matches him beat to beat. He is probably the finest actors in the country at the moment. Even in moments where he had little to do, his small gestures totally wins you over! And these two onscreen together have created magic! Just an unparalleled high!

C U Soon is a brave attempt yet an extremely successful one. It is exhilarating and immersive and will keep you guessing right till the end! Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

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