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Remember the good old days, when there was a sense of excitement when a new troop of artists would visit your city and perform in front of a live audience, all a part of a festive-like celebration called a circus. Now in 2020, how much has changed. There are not even remote signs of any circus in town. In fact, the word circus is being used for the media, such is the state of our society today. Another friday and another early bird review. I bring to you the review of the newly released film, Ramsingh Charlie on Sony Liv. Its trailer looked solid, does the film leave a smile on your face, stay tuned.

Ramsingh Charlie is the story of a performer in a circus who struggles to make ends meet after the circus closes down one fine day. The story is really heartfelt and poignant. As they say, once an artist is always an artist. And how often have we seen that the clowns who make us laugh are actually sad from within. The screenplay is written as a perfect tribute to the character Charlie Chaplin who makes you laugh and also shed tears. While the first hour lets you get acquainted with the characters and their struggles, the second half is poetic and heartfelt. The writing is such that the drama never gets melodramatic, yet it gently tugs the strings of your heart. I was a touch disappointed with the ending which was a little muddled, yet taking nothing away from the journey. Some of the dialogues are very well penned. I even loved the music and the poignant BGM. Director Nitin Kakkar who last directed Notebook(which I recommend to check it out on Amazon Prime) has done a fabulous job. His direction evokes a sense of sadness though never going overboard with it.

Sharib Hashmi is excellent in a cameo. Saanand Verma in the role of a costume shop owner is pretty good. Akarsh Khurana as Nabeel is a character that is not likable yet you will not hate him either. A fine line that was never crossed at any point. Excellent! Farrukh Seyer as Shahjahan has a good vibe attached to him. Divya Dutta as Ramsingh’s wife is wonderful and her silence speaks louder than her words. What a wonderful performance! Kumud Mishra as Ramsingh Charlie steals the show. It is so heartening to see him in such a meaty role and what a heartfelt performance. Each pulse of the character perfectly captured and portrayed beautifully! A performance to cherish!

Ramsingh Charlie is such a beautiful film, it is poignant yet will leave you teary eyed with a smile on your face. Another Indian content nailed by Sony Liv! Highly Recommended!

PS : What does an artist wish for….some respect and recognition perhaps!

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