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Most Eligible Bachelor

Sana Patel
2.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Most eligible bachelor had its OTT release on Netflix on 23rd November after a successful run at the box office. This Telugu language romcom stars Pooja Hegde and Akhil Akkineni in lead roles while the experienced Bommarillu Bhaskar has directed this light hearted film. Stay tuned to find out whether this romcom is worth your time.


The story is unoriginal, however it is not bad. It highlights on topics of marriages, compromises and what is that one most crucial thing to make a marriage work. The execution is weak but still can be watched once.


Harsha ( Akhil) is a NRI who comes to India for an arrange marriage. The wedding dates are fixed however, Harsha is to finalize one girl to be his bride out of the 20 girls shortlisted for him by his family within 20 days. Harsha loves the idea of marriage and companionship and happily agrees to meet all girls to find his ideal match.

Meanwhile his mother ask’s him to drop off Vibha’s profile at her residence as their horoscopes don’t match. Vibha is a stand-up comedian who doesn’t believe in compromising or adjusting in a relationship. Her idea of relationship is completely different from Harsha’s. Harsha gets instantly drawn towards Vibha to the extent that she influences his mind. He shares his feelings to her However, She turns him down stating that he first needs to discover himself and what he wants rather than find the ideal match.

Harsha returns to New York still trying to understand what went wrong. After attending his friends wedding anniversary and later talking to his brother in law about relationships he gains new perspective and embarks on a journey of self discovery.

Harsha’s parents finalize his marriage to the girl who is smitten by him at work and desires to marry him. He decides to go back to India and woo Vibha by being anonymous before its too late.

Has Harsha finally realized the meaning of true love and will Vibha have a change of heart after her recent horrid experiences forms the crux of the story.


The movie could easily be shorter by at least 20 minutes. There are some fun moments which will make you laugh. Pooja Hegde and Akhil play their roles well. The supporting cast are all solid too. The story is unoriginal and all over the place. Nonetheless can be watched once if you love romcoms.

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