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Love Mocktail 2

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It was during the lockdown of 2020 when I was slowly finding my feet in Non Hindi films(primarily because Hindi films were not releasing then), when I came across 2 Kannada films on Amazon Prime – Dia and Love Mocktail. Both were very different from one another yet perfectly landed so many emotions perfectly. I remember while watching Love Mocktail with almost no expectations and by the end of it ending up teary eyed. It just amazed me at the level of filmmaking which non Hindi films had to offer. Cut to 2022 and I have watched a whole bunch of Non Hindi films and I am wiser than ever before in this space. So when the sequel to Love Mocktail titled Love Mocktail 2 was out, I was curious to watch how the film unfolds. And now, the expectations from it was high. I just finished Love Mocktail 2 on Amazon Prime and here are my two cents on it.

Story & Screenplay

Love Mocktail 2 picks up from the same point where part 1 had ended and it follows the story of Aadi as he deals with the loss of his wife. Will love find its way to his heart again? The story works pretty much on the same template as the first part. It begins on a frivolous note only to find its purpose towards the backend. There are a string of emotions that are attached here. It is said that it is very difficult to let go of our past and so we want to hold onto it that bit longer. And that deters the way we live our present and quite possibly our future too. That is exactly what is shown here but in a fun first half. While part 1 had ended on an emotional note, the second part begins on a light and breezy note. There are again a host of girls which enter our protagonist’s life but with little luck. The comedy here seems slightly forced but it works in a few places too. But credit to the writers for creating these situations which are interesting to watch and which command your attention.

Following a nice little twist at the halfway mark, the drama gets slightly more serious with a new rush of emotions. And here is where the writers weave their magic. The chemistry between the characters is infectious as the drama starts adding some soul to it. After a brief heartbreak yet again, the drama ends on an emotional note that did tug the strings of my heart and made me teary eyed yet again. The ending was quite beautiful and a perfect one indeed. Overall, a nicely written screenplay that adds a bit of soul in the second hour.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are frivolous at times but full of heart as well with some nicely written lines. The music is beautiful and it blends perfectly with the drama. The BGM is quite nice too keeping the tone of the drama intact. The cinematography is breathtaking and captures some beautiful frames quite brilliantly. Director Darling Krishna who had directed the first part as well, yet again does a phenomenal job. He adds loads of emotions especially in the secomd hour which makes this mocktail tasty and memorable!


The performances are quite good. Priyanka Hegadal as Aliyah and Rachana Inder as Aditi shine in their respective roles. Sushmitha Gowda as Jakana is first rate and contributes quite well in her role. Abhilaash as Viji is first rate and has a sharp sense of comic timing. Amrutha Iyengar as Joo is pretty impressive in her role. Kushi Achar as Sushma also did put a smile on my face. Her comic timimg also matches with her onscreen husband and she excels in some emotional scenes too. Rachel David as Sihi looks so cute and does a fabulous job. It is Milana Nagaraj as Nidhi who is the show stealer again. She has such a disarming smile and she is such a natural performer that it is hard not to look at her while she is performing. And she has some crackling chemistry with her onscreen(and off screen) husband Darling Krishna. And Darling Krishna as Aadi yet again scores. He never goes overboard with his character yet he brings quite a few emotions to the table which makes his character very affable. And he is brilliant in a few scenes filled with emotions.


Love Mocktail 2 is the sweetest love story of the season which is well worth your time. Available on Amazon Prime.

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