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This was that one film that I had been waiting for quite some time now. And with that I have finished watching the Malayalam film Kurup which has finally premiered on Netflix. The film had a theatrical release last month but unfortunately for me, I missed it due to unavoidable circumstances. And since then I had been patiently awaiting its OTT release. In between, I had heard a mixed word of mouth which was quite odd for a Malayalam film that starred Dulquer Salmaan. Well finally I got a chance to watch it last night and here are my two cents on the film.

Story & Screenplay

Kurup is a true story of a criminal who is labelled as a fugitive after murdering someone over a certain fraud. Firstly, this is as much a commercial film you will ever see in Malayalam cinema! While reading about the true incident, I got to know that the story is quite popular as almost every detail is now in the public domain. So while the story is fascinating, it would have been a challenge for the makers to present it in a way that would still hook you throughout. While I wasn’t quite aware of the story but there would be many who know the eventual fate of the man who is on the run even after 37 years. The screenplay was critical and that is the interesting bit here. Firstly, let me get the one negative out of the way that didn’t spoil my viewing experience but this could have been done without it. There is a good amount of buildup for the first 45 minutes. While there are several light hearted moments here, this bit did not really impact the overall screenplay apart from adding a few minutes.

Now lets get to the positives. Some of you may find the screenplay to be a slow burner, often confusing and cerebral in the first hour. It is a collection of random scenes from the life of the protagonist often jumping pipelines. It is almost like a screenplay from Rockstar or the more recent Sardar Udham where you can’t quite place where the film is headed until the second half. This is exactly the case here. This route may have been opted by the writers simply because the story was far too common and this for me worked like a charm. The convoluted screenplay just added a layer of mystery to it until the final act pieced together all the events together. This for me was genius writing and also a brave one. The twists and turns will definitely keep you hooked and booked and will amaze you at the end. The compelling screenplay oozes of style and substance ending on an unparalleled high!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are pretty well penned and they leave a lasting impact. The music is alright but the BGM is pulsating and adds the required tension to the drama. Infact, the BGM will evole that hidden machizmo in you as well. The production design is excellent here and it seemed like watching a big budget film. The cinematography is exceptional as always. Director Srinath Rajendran has done a terrific job in first luring the audience and teasing them through the first half to almost unleashing an exceptional second half thereby ending the film on a high!


The performances are brilliant by the stellar cast. Tovino Thomas, Anupama Parameswaran and Surabhi Lakshmi all have their moments to shine in cameos. Sunny Wayne as Peter is extremely affable in a job well done. He adds to the lighter moments of the film. Sobhita Dhulipala as Shardamma looks drop dead gorgeous and does a wonderful job here. Indrajith Sukumaran as Krishnadas is absolutely brilliant and extremely well restrained in the role of the cop. The pick of the actors for me was Shine Tom Chacko as Pilla. Even in a limited screentime he emerges as an absolute winner. Incredibly well enacted! Dulquer Salmaan as Kurup oozes of charm and style and does a fantastic job. This may not have been his most challenging role but he acts with panache in quite a cerebral role. 


Kurup is a compelling and suave thriller that leaves you on a high! Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended!

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