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Kaun? Who Did It? (Season 3)

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The year 2021 is finally coming to an end. During this year of highs and lows, one show that had definitely caught my attention was Kaun Who Did it. By now, you would be aware that this is one brilliant yet underrated interactive game show that has kept all of us guessing throughout the year. And after around 100 episodes spreading over three seasons, this show finally has come to an end. While my thoughts on the first two seasons are on Popcorn Reviewss, does season 3 live upto its massive promise, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

A few of you might already be aware about the format of the show but for those who are oblivious to it, Kaun Who Did It is an interactive crime show where you need to predict the killer at the end of every episode. And if you are correct, you earn supercoins on the Flipkart Video app. While season 2 had ended abruptly, probably because of the onset of the second lockdown, the third season begins from the same point. What I enjoyed was that the thread connecting the second and the third season was maintained. The screenplay here is extremely cerebral and you need to be quite attentive throughout the 39 episodes of 15 to 20 minutes each. It is amazing at the amount of detailing which is provided here. There is a considerable amount of effort made to focus on the smaller nuances, all of which contribute to the eventually guessing element of the show. There would be a few episodes which are relatively easy to crack but quite a few episodes where you will be caught unaware. I just had one criticism about the show – the ending. Last night which aired its last episode had an underwhelming and convenient ending. It just happened all too quickly without buildup. I felt they were a couple of episodes short to what would have been a more steady end. But taking nothing away, I had a blast watching every episode after a long day where my mind was ticking every minute and at times double guessing myself as well.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are cerebral and force you to think on the eventual outcome. Sometimes they make you second guess yourselves too, so you need to be extremely vigilant and attentive throughout. The BGM nicely enhances the watching experience. The theme BGM plays at various intervals thereby adding an ambience to the show so well.  There are three directors of this series – Umesh Bist, Saket Yadav and Asif Malik. Now I am not sure who has directed which episode but the direction is fabulous and you are invested in the drama throughout.


The performances are mainly comprising of our two main leads – our very own Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Sushant Singh and Samvedna Suwalka and both of them are fabulous like in the earlier seasons. Samvedna as Malini Bidre is quite exceptional here and we all get to watch her character growth across the three seasons. I really wish to watch more of her going forward. And the veteran Sushant Singh as Adi in a brand new look this season looks handsome as ever and does a fabulous job. The cerebral template which he follows while cracking a case is brilliant to witness and his calm and collected persona is something that you potentially take away, something that I have been consciously implementing in my regular life these days. And his dry sense of humour rubs on to Samvedna as well this season, Amazing! Also, their banter involving coffee is amazing to watch. The two of them create magic onscreen.


The third season of Kaun Who Did It is as cerebral as the previous two seasons, a show that is highly underrated and yet does its bit in ticking your mind throughout. My score this seaon would be somewhere in the late twenties out of 39, what was yours? Available on the Flipkart Video for free on the Flipkart app and Highly Recommended.

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