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Well, I just finished watching ‘Joker’ and was totally flabbagasted by the performance of Joaquin Phoenix. Initially, I was planning on giving a normal review but then I changed my mind and decided to dig a little deeper into the mind of the Joker. So here we go.

We all admire superheroes, always rooting for them and wanted them to end up victorious against their mighty opponents. And this is a universal rule barring a single exception- ‘The Joker’. Joker is an iconic character loved even by his strongest critics. What makes him relatable and likable is the fact that he is one of us.

Many of us have a routine which we follow day in and day out. Yes, we have our share of setbacks each day which we push it to the darkest corners in our hearts. Setbacks from the society or the ones ruling us or even heartbreaks. Each setback eats up a small portion of our heart and soul bit by bit as it keeps accumulating inside us. But all we do is keep ignoring this feeling. Till we discover the Joker in us!

Joker is mad, eccentric but at the end of the day just a loner like most of us. All he wants is a little bit of love and affection in this big bad world which just is not aware of his existence, rather gives a f*** about it. This is explained by the fact that each time he performs a murder and he finds himself being accused for it, he relishes it with an open heart, almost rejuvinating himself! He doesn’t care if he is labelled as a murderer as long as he is getting the required attention from the quarters. In other words, he is undergoing a deep level of depression, a disease which the world is yet to acknowledge. And when pushed to the hilt, all hell breaks loose! 

So then the question arises. Is the Joker right with his actions? After all, killing people is a wrong thing, right? What about the society or the ones ruling us, who may have contributed to the mayhem? Who is it to blame? Well, these are open questions really. After all, right or wrong is just a perspective, one man’s martyr is another man’s terrorist. All I can say is, we all long for that extra bit of love and attention which could transform us from a Joker to a superhero! Read that again!

PS : Depression may or may not be curable but it is important to share stuff and keep distracting yourself! You are strong, you are good, more power to you!

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