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Indian Predator : The Butcher Of Delhi

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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I had earlier mentioned in my review of Girl In The Picture that the combo of Netflix and A Documentary is to die for(not literally 😁). Every now and then Netflix comes up with some of the most intriguing documentaries which on a given day are better than even some of the series or films on the OTT platform. Netflix is often criticized for being a sort of a garbage dump for any Indian content. The argument is a bit unfair but there is some truth to it when you compare it with Indian content on other OTT platforms. The issue is that although the content isn’t half as bad as people make it to be, the truth betold that Netflix as an OTT platform hasn’t penetrated the masses enough. But having said that when it comes to Indian Documentaries, Netflix is probably way ahead of the rest. The reason being that it has picked some genuinely interesting subjects where the entire documentary unfolds like a thriller. The case in point being The House Of Secrets – The Burari Deaths. With that I finished watching the new Netflix Documentary titled Indian Predator – The Butcher Of Delhi. Is it worth your time, lets find out!

Story & Screenplay

Indian Predator – The Butcher Of Delhi is another documentary which follows the story of a faceless serial killer who challenged the authorities often after committing a brutal murder. Needless to say that this is a true story! The 3 part docuseries standing at 40 odd minutes per episode means that this is a quick watch. Like every other crime documentary on Netflix, this one too unfolds like a thriller. I did have a small criticism about the docuseries though. Although this is a brisk watch, there are a lot of portions which seemed repetitive. It was almost like the docuseries going around in circles to convey the same point. If some of the portions would have been edited out, this would have been a terrific watch. Because there are Easter eggs to be found here.

There are loads of things to be applauded here as the docuseries takes you on a psychological trip giving you a glimpse into the mind of the killer. This is the most interesting bit and I wished the makers had reached this point slightly earlier. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed studying his mind while shuddering with fear every now and then. What seemed like a normal serial killer docuseries transformed into a much more intimate portrayal of a killer which was fascinating to watch!


There are a total of three episodes with each episode divulging a different angle to the case. While the first episode sticks to the basics of the police searching for a faceless killer in a typical cat and mouse game with the killer being always two steps ahead of the police. This was fun although slightly repetitive leading upto the capture. The second episode focused on gathering the evidences of nailing the accused in court. It was here that the drama slowly shifted gears and started becoming slightly psychological in nature. The proceedings started to have much more depth in the second episode than the first one. The best episode of the lot wss the third one and this is where the documentary scores. The drama traversed into the mind of the killer and this was a frightening episode which often made you shocked. The background of the killer coupled with his upbringing all formed his traits which seemed rather unfortunate.

My Take

It is often said that anger is one letter away from danger. The moment you are angry, you have very little control on yourself which may lead to unfortunate events. To go a step further, that may have such a horrific impact on your mind that you could be triggered by even the smallest of events. As seen in the series, it was anger which often got the better of the killer. What seemed like the smallest of triggers(from the face of it), made him commit some hideous crimes which he slowly began enjoying. It is imperative to calm yourself down without reacting to the situation when you are angry. Also, to the parents – please show your love to your children consistently. Monitor their activities and do not neglect them. One of the reasons for the killer shaping up this way may have been his traumatic childhood!


Indian Predator : The Butcher Of Delhi  marks another well made documentary of Netflix which gives you a glimpse into the mind of the killer. Pretty Good Stuff!

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