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Roshni Sahota Featured Interview

I think the direct-to-digital platform would be the way forward for more films in the future - Roshni Sahota

– By Farhad Dalal

With Her Telugu Debut Film O Kala up for Release, the Year 2023 has begun on a good note for Roshni Sahota. In an Exclusive Interview With Farhad Dalal from Popcorn Reviewss, she talks about her film O Kala, her character Harika and the impact her film could make while opting for a digital release.

What are your expectations from your film O Kala, which will be releasing on 13th April on Disney + Hotstar?

Well as per my first Telugu movie, my expectations will be that people will like the film and appreciate our efforts. I wish that people do accept me as a part of their own and I wish that people shower me with all the love for the film and my character.

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Tell us something about your character In O Kala.

My character’s name is Harika in the movie and she is a regular girl next door. She is very determined about her choices and about her relationships in her life while being serious. But despite that she knows how to balance everything in her life thus making her a fun character to portray.

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Do you think Direct to Digital would be the way forward for most films in the future?

Yes, Most Definitely. I think the direct-to-digital platform would be the way forward for more films in the future. Because nowadays the audience is very selective towards the content. They don’t bother to visit the theater these days. For that matter, even my parents wait for the movie to come on OTT platform so that they can watch it comfortably at their place with their loved ones. So I think yes, films released directly on the OTT platform is a good decision.

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From Television to the Big Screen. How has your journey been so far? How different are the two mediums in terms of adjustment for an actor?

This is not the first time that I have transitioned into films. I have done television shows like Shakti, Batameez Dil, Krishna Kanhaiya and  Nadan Parinde Ghar Aaja. And I have also done Punjabi and Bollywood movies along with webseries. O Kala marks my debut in the Telugu industry. So the only difference is that television is all about hard work. And you connect with the audience very fast and very easily if your show is doing well. In films, they are very professional having a timetable for everything. It’s not like you have to shoot for 24 hours or 16 hours or 18 hours. They don’t work like this. They work only in twelve hour shift, shooting a couple of scenes in a day. So films are much more relaxed for television actors like me.

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With my television background, I can proudly say that television actors are very hardworking(just as film actors are too). But the point being that, films are more relaxed to work as compared to television. And films do give you a a lot of scope to explore new areas and play complex characters whereas in television you do not get such diverse opportunities. So both platforms have their pros and cons. Just for the record, I adore both the platforms – Films and Television. I really enjoy working in both the mediums.

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What insecurities have you faced as an actor, and how do you keep yourself motivated when things don't go your way?

The only insecurity as an actor is the rejection which they face, I guess, several times in their journey. And it depends on every human being on how they deal with it, how they take that situation, and choose on whether to stay positive or negative.

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So usually I try to keep myself motivated and try to stay positive. But, yes, there are days when I get irritated very easily. There are days when things do not go my way. But, I deal it with it in a very positive manner by focusing on the positives. Sometimes when positivity doesn’t work, I try to calm myself so that I can overcome that situation easily.

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What is your success mantra for surviving in a cutthroat industry like yours?

My success mantra is just this that you have to be consistent with whatever you are doing. Like after my show Shakti, I did Patala Babes and post that too I did work but they wern’t getting released. So most people of the industry thought that I wasn’t getting work or I may have left the industry. But in reality, I was waiting for my work to get released, I was very much a part of the industry while being patient.

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So my only mantra is that I believe in consistency, in silenting performing and allowing my work to speak for itself. Some may get success in a short span of time while some may need to wait that much more longer. But whenever the time is right, you will shine for sure!

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With the rise of OTT platforms, how do you think it has affected actors, good or bad?

With the rise of OTT platforms, it comes with its share of pros and cons. Of course, as an audience, you will get the luxury to watch content based on your time and availability on the OTT platform. For actors it is good too as many of them are getting work now because of the OTT platforms. Having said that, with the rise of content, there are censorship issues featuring a lot of nudity and violence which may not really be required. But from a commercial standpoint, it might be necessary to sell your product.

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Earlier if you see, there was just satellite television along with theatres, the latter being ruled by stars. The OTT platforms do act like a bridge between the two mediums by empowering talented actors. So it is a bigger boon than anyone would have ever imagined.

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2023 has begun on a good note for you with the release of O Kala. Is there any other content lined up that we should look forward to?

Yes, 2023 has begun on a good note. And after  O Kala, I have a few projects up for release. I am also shooting after this project for something special. Besides that, I have signed one more movie, and hopefully, I will start shooting for that very soon. Fingers Crossed!

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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal

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