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Honsla Rakh

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It has been a while since we at Popcorn Reviewss have reviewed a Punjabi film. And if you are a regular on our site then you would know that language isn’t a barrier for us and we review any content from different languages. So when Amazon Prime made an announcement of a Punjabi film Honsla Rakh releasing on its OTT, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity. Honsla Rakh had its theatrical release about a month back and it did stupendously at the box office. And I had my eyes set on it from the beginning, patiently awaiting its OTT release. Now that it is out, I have finally finished watching it. Does it exude of happy vibes, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Honsla Rakh follows the story of a single father with his seven year old son who attempts to find love again. The story is sweet and simple although not entirely novel. A similar concept was tackled in the Netflix film Fatherhood. So vibe here is similar. The screenplay is breezy and exudes of happy vibes. But what I disliked was a few stereotypes like fat shaming and stalking that was prevalent in the screenplay. I feel it is important to call out such issues that the filmmakers resort to in the name of entertainment. But barring these issues, there are several moments in the screenplay that will put a smile on your face. The humour here might seem a little silly but the execution is done right that will definitely make you chuckle. Also the emotional thread that is maintained is subtle and it does not convert to melodrama which was good to watch. The fresh and frothy theme is maintained throughout. The extended climax is where the fun hits through the roof! The final 30 odd minutes adds a layer of confusion that in turn leads to a fun filled comedy that ends with a lot of happy vibes. The second half in particular is better than the first half and that is what makes the screenplay an excellent watch! Overall, a fun filled screenplay exuding of happy vibes!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues comprise of a string of one liners that are quirky and will put a smile on your face. But some of the emotional lines add a bit of weightage to the drama and keep you invested throughout. The music is pretty good with some peppy numbers although a song too many that hinders the flow of the drama. The BGM is good as well. I really loved the production design here. It made it look as if the film is mounted on a huge scale, giving it a fresh vibe to it. Director Amarjit Singh Saron has done a pretty good job keeping things light and frothy and also maintaining an emotional thread throughout.


The performances are pretty good. Shehnaaz Gill as Sweety looks really pretty here and she is nicely restrained in a limited screen time. Sonam Bajwa as Jasmine again looks gorgeous and she has a dynamic screen presence. She does a fabulous job in the acting department. And our very affable Diljit Dosanjh as Yanki Singh is brilliant. He has an impeccable comic timing and is extremely likable in his role.


Honsla Rakh is a fun filled entertainer that exudes of happy vibes. Available on Amazon Prime.

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