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Hey Sinamika

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Onto the final leftover from the weekend and I finished watching the new Tamil film Hey Sinamika. The film starred Dulquer Salmaan or DQ as we call him who is one of my favourite actors doing the rounds currently. But for a strange reason, the word of mouth was negative at the time of the theatrical release. This was one reason why I had to opt for a weekday review of the film as I had my expectations low from a rather good looking film which gave me vibes of Ok Kanmani. Finally I finished watching Hey Sinamika on Netflix last night, does it manage to impress, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Hey Sinamika(a name spin off of the song from Ok Kanmani) follows the story of a wife who is unhappy in her marriage due to her talkative husband until she decides to divorce him by setting him up with another female. The story isn’t very novel, in fact some of you might find similarities to the Anil Kapoor-Sridevi starrer Judaai. But the story is breezy and frothy although very predictable. The screenplay standing at almost 150 minutes is a bit daunting for a love story. The film could easily have been trimmed further as you can clearly make out that some of the sequences lag. The film opens on a breezy and vibrant note with the introduction of the two protagonists and their dynamics. While all is rosy at the very beginning, things go for a toss 2 years down the line. But the proceeding is light and frothy and doesn’t weigh you down. Some sequences are slightly repetitive but it is still so far so good. I really enjoyed the RJ bit which was associated with one of the characters. That truly had some amount of freshness to it. The second starts getting a little melodramatic although it doesn’t totally go off guard. But towards the end the tone of the film shifts towards being a little too melodramatic which was really not required. Had the writers maintained the same light and frothy theme throughout, the final product would have been even better. Another drawback is that the humour in some places seems to be forced. But overall, a predictable but a fun filled screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are crisp and at times funny too and they leave a desired impact. The music is beautiful and gives the film a fresh vibe. The BGM is pretty good too. The cinematography is pretty good but the winner for me is the production design. The use of bold and bright colours makes the film vibrant and young. Director Brinda does a pretty good job although she could have toned down the melodrama.


The performances are pretty good here. Nakshathra Nagesh as RJ Divya has her moments to shine. Kajal Aggarwal as Dr. Malarvizhi looks pretty and does a pretty good job here. Aditi Rao Hydari as Mouna looks so adorable and she is a screen stealer every time she comes onscreen. Such an underrated actor yet always so affable with an immaculate presence. Dulquer Salmaan aa Yaazhan has a charming presence as always and he definitely does a brilliant job giving vibes of his character in Ok Kanmani.


Hey Sinamika is a breezy and frothy ride for most parts with some good performances which make for a good one time watch. Available on Netflix.

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