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Gullak (Season 3) Review

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We are still a day away from the weekend but new releases have started to flow in. First up is a rather familar yet heartwarming space which is now synonymous with any series coming from the banner of TVF. And they are back with the third season of Gullak which is personally one of my favourite and most relatable shows coming from TVF. The first two seasons were so heartwarming and sweet that they did put a smile on my face. Everytime I feel a little low, I randomly pick an episode of Gullak and it almost instantly changes my mood. With season 3 coming out, I could not have been happier. That said does Gullak 3 manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Gullak 3 follows some fresh “chapters” in the life of the Mishra family. And they are as sweet as saccharin this time around too. One of the strengths of TVF has been that they are successfully able to capture the pulse of the masses. The target audience usually is from 16 to 35 and within this age group they have been able to churn out some heartwarming and relatable content even at the expense of being slightly repetitive. Quite honestly, the only demon which they need to fight is being repetitive. But honestly, I do not seem to mind it simply because no other studio has been able to tap and penetrate the masses like TVF has. And this is exactly what the third season of Gullak has to offer.

The series is divided into 5 episodes which means 5 brand new chapters in the Mishra family and each chapter has a unique flavour of humour and drama. From the patriarch in the family taking decisions on behalf of the children to daily or routine issues which get resolved on the go, from hardships where the only people who care is your family to ultimately celebrating the smaller things in life, this series covers it all. Along the way, it tackles a couple of important social issues as well which add a new dimension to the drama. But at the end of the day it is the bond of the Mishra family that makes you laugh and cry and ultimately put a smile on your face with a tear or two. The equation of the four members is such that you can genuinely feel the warmth of their relationship, a family which has extended their bond to every viewer and their household. This is excellent writing once again in what is quite an endearing screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational but just so relatable that they manage to put a smile on yiur face. The music is generally a strong point for a TVF production and here it is no different. Some of the most beautiful melodies are tactfully incorporated in different situations in the screenplay that adds a layer of emotions to it. The situations are interesting and are even more enhanced by the music. The BGM is excellent and blends perfectly with the drama. Palash Vaswani definitely understands the pulse of a general Indian household and he does a fabulous job here. He maintains a grip on the drama with the right kind of emotions right throughout and delivers a beautifully heartfelt and endearing product.


The performances are excellent here. Shivankit Parihar voicing the Gullak is almost philosophical in so many ways. Sunita Rajwar and Saad Bilgrami have their moments to shine. Ketaki Kulkarni as Phurtili just exudes of innocence and she does a brilliant job. Geetanjali Kulkarni as Shanti represents every Indian mother who quietly performs her chores yet is the first one to hold the family together. And she is such a brilliant actor that no amount of my words can truly justify her art. Excellent as always. Vaibhav Raj Gupta as Annu does display shades of maturity from the previous season, an interesting virtue this considering you see your favourite characters grow through the seasons. He is absolutely first rate. Jameel Khan as Santosh balances comedy(impeccable sense of timing) along with drama perfectly. He adds so many different emotions to certain scenes that he will put a smile on your face maybe with a tear in your eye. Always a pleasure watching him onscreen. Harsh Mayar as Aman is my favourite character this time around. He absolutely kills some of the one-liners yet in certain scenes has to internalize his pain. And what an incredible performance. Easy on the eye yet heartfelt and sincere!


Gullak 3 is beautifully heartfelt and utterly relatable, yet another winner coming from TVF. Available on SonyLiv and Highly Recommended!

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