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The much anticipated Oscars took place and to everyone’s surprise it was CODA which won best picture. And it was Will Smith who picked up his first Oscar for King Richard. But the highlight of the night was something else. It was a shocking incident of Will Smith punching Chris Rock right after the latter passed a rather insensitive joke on the former’s wife. But was assault the right way to go about it? I don’t think so. Yes, we all make mistakes and that joke was rather insensitive but nothing and I mean nothing can justify violence. The incident is the most talkimg point about the night which should have otherwise been about the winners. But any which way, we are onto the fresh set of releases and I decided to handpick the English film Fresh which had premiered at the Sundance film festival earlier this year. And to my surprise, the film received a good share of positive responses. So I wished to know what was the hue and cry about. I finished watching Fresh last night and these are my two cents on the film.

Story & Screenplay

Fresh showcases the horrors of modern day dating when a young woman is trapped in a precarious situation due to her new boyfriend. The story is quite good here and it reminded me of the Assamese film Aamis almost after the conflict was introduced. I was skeptical about the screenplay considering that this may well turn out to be another one of those B grade cash cows. But to my surprise, the screenplay was extremely engaging right from the beginning. What seemed like a rosy life for the protagonist, soon turned on its head. The conflict is gross and yet appetizing which explored the complex side of the human mind. You do need a strong gut to sit through this drama which borders on body horror. While the film follows a standard template in the genre which isn’t quite novel, the situations created are thrilling which would keep you at the edge of your seat. However, the end was a touch underwhelming for me. But overall, a well penned screenplay which definitely showcases the horrors of modern dating(like seen in The Tinder Swindler).

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational and theybdo what is expected of them. The BGM is decent. The sequences involving body horror will definitely send a chill down your spine. Director Mimi Cave has done a good job in a tried and tested genre. She is able to keep the audiences invested while also being able to send the right amount of chills which are a necessity in this genre.


The performances are quite good. Jojo T Gibbs as Mollie has her moments to shine as does Charlotte Le Bon as Ann and Dayo Okeniyi as Paul. Sebastian Stan as Steve puts up a spine chilling act with utmost ease and grace. He has the most unassuming persona which translates into something equally terrifying. Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa looks pretty but shows immense potential behind her pretty face too. She is excellent and it is through her character that the audience are on their toes.


Fresh is surprisingly shocking and deliciously dark that is well worth your time. Available on Hulu.

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