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French Biriyani

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Ok, so all of you expecting the trailer of the highly anticipated movie, Dil Bechara will have to wait. The film is premiering on Hotstar today at 7:30 pm IST and so its review will be pushed to Saturday. But sticking to the early bird reviews, there is another Kannada film out today, French Biriyani on Amazon Prime. While last week’s Kannada flick ‘Law’ was a complete dud, will this provide redemption, lets find out.

French Biriyani is the story of a Foreigner, an Auto Rickshaw Driver, a freshly appointed Don and some confusion between them. The story is in the mould of films like Delhi Belly and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The screenplay is filled with several laugh out loud moments. While it gets off to a bit of a flyer, things slow down considerably in the second half. While the humour is intact, it falters in its pace with scenes getting stretched. But the writing particularly in the first hour is sharp and smartly tackles a few social issues in its quirky narrative. The dialogues, a mixture of Kannada, Hindi, Hyderabadi, French and English is hilarious and packed with one liners. The music gels well with the mood of the film. Director Pannaga Bharana has done a good job though he could have managed the pacing better in the second hour(for eg this could easily have been tighter on the edit reducing its runtime by at least 10 minutes).

Rangayana Raghu goes a little overboard in his role of inspector Mahadev. Disha Madan as Malini looks pretty and has done a good job. Pitobash Tripathy as Sulaiman is outstanding. Sampath Kumar as Mohanna is good. Mahantesh Hiremath as Muscle Mani is hilarious and easily my favourite here. Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy has great screen presence and looking forward to watching her more often. Sal Yusuf as Simon has delivered a fine performance. Danish Sait as Asghar has done a good job here.

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