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The Kissing Booth 2 English Romance Movie Review

The Kissing Booth 2

Neha Unadkat
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


While release of Kissing Booth 3 is just a few clock ticks away, a recap of its second sequel is all you need. I typical Rom-Com fan like me would be very happy to have Kissing Booth 3 releasing and hope it doesn’t disappoint viewers much. Let’s catch up quickly on Kissing Booth 2!!


The movie started with a glimpse of Noah and Elle spending the summer together before Noah goes off to Harvard and Elle continues High school senior year. Noah was convinced that they would make long distance relationship work, but Elle was a bit skeptical about it and decided to do more mature things rather than be a clingy one between the two and make things work. Elle kept herself busy doing various activities and continued to be a third wheel in Lee and Rachel’s relationship. The first day at school was a bit off for Elle with everyone assuming that Noah and Elle broke up. Though everything was set right when Elle and Lee presented their idea of kissing booth again for the fund raiser. With all this, Elle was stuck with the dilemma to apply at Harvard and be with Noah or apply at UC Berkeley as it was dreamed off with Lee. Unknowingly making the most dramatic speech on school speaker, Elle introduces Marco to us. And then comes Chole who is in Noah’s group at Harvard. Her jealousy makes her inclined towards Harvard more now than ever. 

With visiting Harvard to see Noah and his life and finding Chloe’s earing on Noah’s bed, to discovering Marco is a good guy and that she is the reason of tension between her best friend Lee and his girlfriend and not the forget “The Kissing Booth” line ups; Elle decided to participate in a dance competition to cover up for the expenses needed to go to Harvard. Elle didn’t mention anything to Lee at first that she needs money to go to Harvard and not with him to UC Berkeley which causes tensions between the two later. Elle asks Marco to participate with her in dance competition as per Lee’s suggestion. And now this makes Noah jealous 🤣. The story continues with growing friendship between Elle and Marco, Lee finds out about Elle’s intention of going to Harvard which disappoints him and Lee’s relationship struggles. The day of dance competition arrives where Marco kisses Elle in front of everyone including Noah. Elle tries to settle everything between her relationship and friends. In the meanwhile it’s day for the kissing booth event at fund raiser. The event is a success as expected. Finally the day of graduation arrives where Elle reveals that she got wait listed at Berkeley and Harvard. After a few days later, Elle gets approval letter from both the colleges. Now, in kissing booth 3 let’s see what she decides..


Joey King as Elle is exactly like a popular high school girl and definitely there cannot be any other best friend than Joel Courtney as Lee. I loved Taylor Zakhar Perez as Marco in this sequel. Rachel, Lee’s girlfriend was underwritten has per me and definitely could have done better.

Direction & Screenplay

This sequel had alot of stories revolving at the side of the lead one. It was a bit difficult to play catch up and for me it somehow made the lead story less interesting. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it, but I liked how Kissing Booth 1 was more than the second.


For a Rom-Com fan and someone who liked the first part of these sequels, I am sure you would want to give this one a watch. Let’s see what Kissing Booth 3 has to offer. Elle’s story will continue and so does our review 😎

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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