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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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As a part of a one day leave from Popcorn Reviewss as a part of some workload management(it definitely does get hectic), I am back with a review of an English film Fall. One of the reasons as to why I did select this film was because it wasn’t a long film which is an ideal scenario for me post work. On reading a little about it, it did seem like a different kind of a survival thriller dealing with heights.

I must admittedly say that I have Acrophobia which is basically the fear of heights. It is one such phobia which I have repeatedly tried to overcome but it seemingly returns every now and then. I remember watching the English film The Walk in the IMAX print and I was tightly holding on to my seat while I did watch the drama unfold onscreen. And I did expect a similar experience although I was fully aware that the small screen will never justify a film like this. Despite that I did give the film a shot. So then is the movie Fall worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Fall follows the story of two climbers stuck on a 2000 foot radio tower. Will they be able to survive? The story promises to be an exhilarating ride in a survival drama which would essentially tick all the boxes. But there are glaring flaws here which I will get to in a bit. The screenplay standing at a shade over a 100 minutes means that the drama moves at a brisk pace.

The drama opens on a good note with supposedly three characters climbing a rock until one of them falls of it. The trauma which follows is decently displayed in a couple of scenes which follow. But the logic is thrown out of the window when one of the characters tells the other that they should climb the radio tower to overcome grief! For me, this was ridiculous as if you are grieving, you need some professional help. But logic aside, the setup is interesting and layered.

The entire journey to get to the radio tower signals the fate of things to come which makes for an interesting watch. The eventually climb is quite thrilling thereby slowly sucking the audience into the drama. The issue starts when the eventual conflict is introduced. While the situation at hand is tense and the writers do enough to mould this thriller to keep the tension consistently palpable, the sequences are pretty much laughable to begin with.

I can ensure you, no characters would react the way the two protagonists do right at the very beginning. Some sequences are silly and almost laughable but some are interesting too. It is a bit of a mixed bag. A needless subplot of an alleged affair doesn’t add anything to the drama. The drama though does contribute to some exhilarating moments which should have been best enjoyed on the big screen. The issue of social media influencers going to any extent for a handful of attention is well addressed. It needs to be understood that while people follow your content and shower you with love but in times of need no will will standup for you.

The twist before the final act is a good one which does introduce an interesting psychological angle to it. But the final act is such a letdown that it will leave you fuming. Just to give a bit of a spoiler, one of the protagonist who survives isn’t shown as to how she gets down eventually. It was a very convenient kind of a screenplay where the writers were either forced to end it or they ran out of ideas on how to end the story. Overall, a decent kind of a screenplay which had the potential but it fails to realise it.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are corny and don’t really leave an impact. The BGM could have been a little more racy to give a sense of urgency. The cinematography and VFX are outstanding and make up for some of the flaws in the writing. Director Scott Mann does a decent job with the direction by generating some genuinely scary moments although it could have been more interesting.


This is essentially a two character film and the performances are pretty good. Virginia Gardner as Shiloh does an incredibly good job as the calming influence in the drama. Grace Caroline Currey as Becky has a good screen presence and delivers a power packed performance in a lovely little character arc. All other performers are decent.


Fall is a decent survival thriller marred by some silly sequences which just about makes for a decent one-time watch. 

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