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Well this slot was reserved for the Eternals on Disney Plus Hotstar but they did not arrive last night. And so instead of wasting a slot, I decided to go through my list and handpick a film to watch and review. And so I decided to watch the new English film C’mon C’mon, another film which was being discussed in the cinephiles group(who by the way have now become my lifeline for great content). The thing that got me curious about the film was Joaphin Phoenix. After his stellar act in the Joker, this is one actor whom I cannot disregard in whatever work he does. So it was an absolute no brainer to opt for this film. Does the film C’mon C’mon manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

C’mon C’mon is the story of a radio journalist who embarks on a cross country trip with his nephew which ultimately turns out to be a life changing one. Now from this one liner it may seem to you like a road movie or one of those typical films of self discovery. But this film goes deeper than that. The story is meditative, therapeutic and absolutely brilliant. The grey colour tone(the film is shot in black and white) adds like a lovely metaphor for life. The screenplay is a slow burner and takes its time to develop and setup the world around. There is this lingering feeling of loneliness(perfectly articulated by the colour tone as well) that occupies you once the film begins. It was only yesterday that I had watched the Bengali film Binisutoy which had that inkling of a void in your life. This one is that too. Broken Relationships, loneliness and vulnerability is what comprises of this tale. What works here is lovely fleshed out real characters. All characters are grey like life itself(again the colour tone) and all of us will be able to relate to this. But if we find people time and again who complete us or are introduced in our lives just for a life lesson or even better be that person then our life goal is achieved.

A poetic screenplay is what unfolds here between two lonely protagonists – a man and a 9 year own kid who are vulnerable in their own worlds yet are open to staying with each other emotionally. There are several quiet moment that add a lot of weight, the screenplay is meditative after a point. The parts of the interviews just act like a therapy session and by the end of it, there is still calmness filled with several life lessons that engulfs you. A range of emotions fill you up gradually through this poignant tale which eventually forces you to shed a tear while being in that philosophical zone. A brilliantly penned screenplay and an absolute honour to have witnessed it unfold.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues add a certain level of calmness to the drama. Though they are conversational and quite engaging but they are philosophical in the right sense. A certain dialogue towards the end of the film beautifully summarizes the concept of life that fills you up with a lot of emotions. The BGM is melancholic and beautifully gels well with the drama. Director Mike Mills does a stupendous job here. The level of calmness which he is able to bring to the table is so refreshing. Even concepts of loneliness and depression are handled delicately and in a philosophical nature. This is top notch direction if ever there was one.


The performances are wonderful here. Gaby Hoffman as Viv is absolutely first rate. But it is Woody Norman as Jesse and Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny who steal the show. There wonderfully feed off each other with the former showing some great maturity at such a young age. After a point it seemed like a 2 hour therapy session where the two of them just sail through even without a ‘script’. Joaquin Phoenix just shows yet again what a beautiful actor he truly is. If you have watched “Her” and the “Joker” you would be aware that no one plays a loner better than him. Here too the basic dynamics of the character is same but how beautifully he makes it different. 3 characters and 3 different shades of loneliness and depression. Beautifully portrayed in 3 towering acting masterclasses!


C’Mon C’Mon(a phrase synonymous with life in general) is meditative, philosophical, therapeutic and one of the most fulfilling movie watching experiences of recent times. Do Not Miss This! Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

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