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777 Charlie

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Onto the next release of the weekend and I finished watching the Kannada film 777 Charlie. Right from the time its trailer was out, I was preparing myself for an emotional ride. The films/series involving pets are rarely been made in India. The one famous film which I remember is Haathi Mere Saathi but post that there has been a scarcity. Of late though there have been smaller attempts and genuinely honest attempts in the form of the Tamil film Oh My Dog and the Marathi webseries Pet Puran. But what made 777 Charlie even more special during its trailer was that I was able to connect to the unlikely friendship between the protagonist and his lovely Pet. The makers did a great job in cutting a trailer which did not give out any spoilers. So I did not know what to expect from the film except that it promised to be an emotional ride. So then does 777 Charlie manage to touch your heart, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

777 Charlie follows the story of an unlikely friendship between a loner and his new found pet. The story is truly heartwarming and it does tug the strings of your heart. The screenplay standing at almost 3 hours may seem daunting but it passes off like a breeze in what was an emotion journey indeed. The screenplay gives you a glimpse into the monotonous life of the protagonist very early on. He is a loner and has been depressed for long. When all hope seems to be lost, hope re-enters his life in the form of Charlie. Through a series of interesting plot points which would make you laugh and moisten your eyes, you get to witness the protagonist warming upto his new friend. But then enters the main conflict.

The screenplay tries to combine multiple genres within its narrative and successfully so. So along with the unlikely friendship, this is also a journey of self discovery and also a road movie. While the first half has many lighter moments, the drama keeps getting heavy and emotional so much so that you begin to dread what is coming your way. But while it lasts, the entire road journey is so beautiful as it had a purpose to it. The twists and turns are really good which will keep you engaged throughout. But what remains intact is the emotional core which was formed along the way. The writers have ensured that the characters are well fleshed out particularly of the protagonist and it helps in investing emotionally in his journey.

The final act is just beautiful and heart touching(although it tries to overcompensate slightly which wasn’t required). You will need your tissue boxes handy because it is a tear jerker. The emotion is such that it will melt the strongest of hearts and most definitely moisten your eyes. The impact that it had on me was that the end has stayed with me even at the time of penning this review. This is probably the most emotional moment in this genre for me since Hachi! Overall, a brilliantly penned screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are really impactful and they also help in retaining the core emotional quotient. The music is beautiful and there are songs for various moods in the film which blends so beautifully. The BGM never tries to manipulate your feelings or even tries to overcompensate it. Instead it is subtly used and it almost flows like your emotions. The cinematography beautifully captures the various landscapes which was crucial as this was a road movie too! Director Kiranraj K has done a phenomenal job! He had such a beautiful story at his disposal but the way he was able to establish the bond and the unlikely friendship between the protagonist and Charlie, it was the most beautiful thing that I have witnessed recently. And this is truly a victory for the director! It is a human story with a whole lot of emotions where the direction is top notch!


The performances are beautiful. Danish Sait and Bobby Simha are outstanding in their heartfelt appearances. Raj B Shetty as Dr. Ashwin is absolutely first rate with his comedy and in dramatic scenes. Sangeetha Sringeri as Devika has a charming presence and she does a wonderful job. However the show belongs to the “two” protagonists – Rakshit Shetty and Charlie who share an infectious bond. The latter has expired at the time of the release(I did see a “Thank You” and “You will be remembered” messages during the opening credits) and it has made me even more sad because Charlie was beautiful, she was amazing and all heart! Rakshit Shetty is known to be a pioneering of really experimenting with genres and here as Dharma he has done a splendid job! He has given his heart and soul to his role which makes the audience invest in him emotionally. It is the most heartfelt performance that I have watched recently.


777 Charlie is perhaps the most emotional film in this genre since Hachi. Available in a theatre bear you and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

PS : I am still weeping inconsolably!

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