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2.0 (film)

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Visionary Director Shankar always has a concept to his story telling. The director of ‘I’, ‘Sivaji-The Boss’ and the last ‘Robot’ film has now directed ‘2.0’ which releases this week. The trailers wern’t particularly impressive so much so that people touted it as ‘Thugs of Hindostan 2.0’ before its release. Is the movie better than what we witnessed in the trailer ….lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Second in the series and loosely coupled to the first part, 2.0 follows the story of Vasigaran who tries to crack the case of the mysterious disappearance of cell phones from the city. The story is a good one with a good message. The screenplay in the first half is brilliant a proper buildup. The middle of the second half is a bit weak as the story falters but then all is compensated in a mind boggling climax. The screenplay devoid of any songs in its narrative(barring a few background tracks) doesn’t allow the audience any respite and in turn works in its favour. The vfx(special effects and 3D) are outstanding and could give any Hollywood Biggie a run for its money. Music by AR Rahman is average but the background score is pretty good. Director Shankar is rightly a visionary and has done an outstanding job. The graphics conceptualized are beyond imagination!! Distinction marks!!


Amy Jackson is aptly cast as a humanoid, a character which doesn’t require much expressions which supposedly is her limitation. Rajnikanth is once again outstanding as he performs the dual roles of Vasigaran and Chitti(a couple of more surprises too, not revealing here) which his effervescent charm and chutzpah. But it is Akshay Kumar as Pakshiraman who steals the show with his antagonist act(probably for the first time after Ajnabee). Even with limited screentime, he leaves a mark and how. All other characters have done a good job.


2.0 is truely a cinematic wonder and the best sci-fi movie coming out of India(so far). No wonder the trailers wern’t impressive as this movie requires a Big Screen to have a satisfying cinematic experience(preferably on 3D). Do yourself a favour and watch this only in a theatre(and not on your cell phones, message conveyed I guess,😉). 

PS : The message at the end is very important and hope we all are able to imply it!

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