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14 Peaks Nothing Is Impossible

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Yes for a change I am late to the party! It has been a while since I have reviewed a documentary with the last one being The Burari Deaths. And so I decided to watch the new Documentary 14 Peaks Nothing is Impossible on Netflix. The love affair of Netflix with its documentaries continues and this is one area where Netflix is far ahead of the other OTT platforms. It comprises of some of the most eventful and exhilarating documentaries that would keep you glued throughout be it that of nature or a public figure or even a sports person. That said, is 14 Peaks worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

14 Peaks follows the story of a fearless Mountaineer from Nepal who takes up an “impossible” challenge of climbing 14 highest peaks across the globe, all in seven months. And there are a fair bit of challenges that he faces only to emerge victorious. The story is gritty and inspiring to the core. What seemed like an impossible feat and needless to say dangerous, was conquered and how. This documentary standing at 100 minutes gives younan adrenaline rush more than once. But what fascinates you more is the struggle to achieve his destination and his never say die attitude! In between, the relationship that she shared with his loved ones particularly his mother was so heartfelt. It did break my heart when I got to know that she is no more now. Rest assured she would be happy watching him achieve greatness!


The documentary has definitely left a lasting impact here. Each time the protagonist Nirmal Purja is faced with a hurdle, he doesn’t sweat about it. Instead he looks for solutions. Through the series, we see this man blessed with a talent to survive on very little oxygen on a high altitude. But what he acknowledges as well is his team, each of the members addressed by their respective names instead of a generic term like ‘Sherpa’. At this point, this docu-drana goes beyond the usual survival story. It touches topics on team work which is so crucial. Ofcourse, it was in his head that he had his goals fixed and this solely represented his undying spirit.

My Take

You remember the time when the first lockdown had begun and you thought this is all going to end. Well, the humanity has adapted to the change and are slowly crawling their way back. This itself is a testimony that nothing is impossible. We all have our set of goals and it is our prerogative to implement them irrespective of what the world says. There was this one line in the series that stayed with me : “Don’t give up on your goals simply because the world calls it impossible. What might be impossible to the world might just be possible for you”. These lines truely sum up the spirit that might be buried within layers of self doubt in all of us. People will criticize but as the great Master Sachin Tendulkar said : “When people throw stones at you, make sure to turn them into milestones”. But at the same time, it is also important to stay humble and acknowledge the efforts of the people around you. Greatness might be a choice but sure it is your only choice!


14 Peaks is a gritty and inspiring documentary that falls in the category of a must watch! Netflix and Documentaries are a match made in heaven. Highly Recommended!

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