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A film made in 2016 has finally found the light of the day in 2021. The film is 7 Kadam which has been purchased by Eros Now and cut into a 4 part webseries. And I have just finished watching it. This is new content number 2 in this bumper weekend, so is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

7 Kadam is the story of the father and son duo with football as the backdrop. The story is not very novel but still is heartwarming. The screenplay definitely has many heartfelt moments in its runtime. It begins a little slowly in the first episode but then picks up pace and maintains it through the end. One thing which was lacking was the use of football in the screenplay. There is very little use of the sport, something which I would have loved watching. But I soon realised that this is not a story on football, rather a heartfelt relationship between a father and son, and this part has been portrayed quite well. While watching, you may get this dated feeling, but if you look past that then the screenplay is quite good.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are pretty good, since this movie is set in West Bengal, the use of Bengali in the dialogues makes it refreshing. I really enjoyed the music of the series, the BGM is above average. Director K Mohit Jha has done a pretty decent job in the direction. The emotions flowing are real and it marks a good outing from the director.


The performances are excellent here. Neeharika Roy who plays Ravi’s younger sister has her moments to shine and she does well. Raajiv Mitra is decent as Banerjee. Shilpi Roy as Sapna also makes her presence felt. Deeksha Seth as Kiran looks cute and is a bundle of energy. She treads a thin line between being irritating and energetic and she does an excellent job in coming out on top. It could have so easily been an irritating role for the audience, instead it was a charming one. Amit Sadh as Ravi is an absolute treat to watch. It goes to show that he is extremely endearing and hard working in any role which he portrays. He has looked like an athlete here and has done a great job. And the veteran Ronit Roy as Aurobindo is the star of the show. The emotions which he brings to the table are so refreshing and he totally nails that Bengali accent in this acting masterclass!


7 Kadam is a heartfelt drama that will gently tug the strings of your heart. If you can look past it being a little dated, then you will enjoy this drama. Available on Eros Now.