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Love J Action

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There are some series which you are intrigued by the first look of their posters, or the trailers that are out. And there are a few series where you just take a plunge, not knowing what to expect from them. Love JAction falls under the latter category where I took a plunge without any knowledge or expectations. Only expectation being that I haven’t yet come across a sub-standard show yet on Sony Liv. Does this show break the trend or does it add to the list of successful shows, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Love JAction is the story of a boy accused of kidnapping a girl who was to get married to the SP. The story has several twists and turns and this single line in no way justifies how good the story is. The screenplay is spaced across six episodes and so you know that the editing is crisp as the story gallops swiftly. The first three episodes are so interesting and weave an atmosphere of interest and curiosity. There are several twist and turns that will keep you hooked and booked. You will really be interested in knowing what happens next. Come the fourth episode there is a dip in the drama. The writing drags a bit here and the twists are dried up. Also a few of the characters go missing while some of the others are underutilised(for eg the girl’s father who supposedly wanted to kill her own daughter when she was in the womb). The drama is still very watchable but the high standards come down a little until the last few minutes where a final twist gets the story back on track. But overall a good job done.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are excellent filled with quirky one liners. The BGM was impressive and wonderfully blended with the story. The use of yesteryear’s songs incorporated in the story did wonders and worked like a dream. Probably this is a way out, to reuse those songs instead of creating remakes and making a hash of it. Director Saurabh Tewari has done an excellent job keeping things tight and having a grip over the viewer’s attention.


The cast comprises of mostly unknown faces who have put together a magnificient performance. Flora Saini is excellent as the lawyer in a cameo. Priyasha Bhardwaj as Nayan is wonderfully restrained. There is a certain level of ease that she brings to the table which was so refreshing to watch. Puru Chibbar as SP Abhay has done a brilliant job. He is intimidating as well as a laughing stock in certain scenes, both pulled off very well. Priyank Tiwari as Minty is hilarious and it reflects on his impeccable comic timing. Rohit Chaudhary as Vikrant has a towering presence and leaves a lasting impact. He has a personality of a lead! Kangan Barua as Kamya looks so pretty and she has done an outstanding job. Here character is layered and it is through her character that the audience plays the guessing game. Hope to see more of her going forward too. The star of the show is Anud Singh Dhaka as Jackson. He is perfectly cast here and just so confident and natural onscreen. Excellent Acting!


Love JAction springs a massive surprise. It is extremely enjoyable and another winner from Sony Liv.