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Yes, that is what the hash tag says! The commercial masala movies are back and the only way to enjoy them fully are on the big screen with a full house amidst ‘seetis and taalis’. But with theatres shut for more than 6 months now, many have had an OTT release. And I have just finished watching the Nani-Sudheer Babu starrer V which is an out and out commercial pot boiler veiled as a serial killer movie. Here I would add that because of this very reason my prism of watching such movies changes and all I look for is some entertainment. If that is fulfilled then such movies get a good rating, else they don’t. Does V entertain, lets find out.

V is a story of cat and mouse game between a policer officer and a new serial killer in town wherein the serial killer, after each murder leaves a few clues for the super cop to crack. Routine story, Routine characters. The screenplay is such that it deserved the big screen. That first entry shot of Sudheer Babu had me whistling from inside in a terrific opening sequence! But with the introduction of the love track, things slow down. Part and parcel of a commercial pot boiler but the love angle was just not required here! Again things pick up with the introduction of Nani. And again things slow down. So the screenplay oscillates between moments of brilliance and some mediocrity(especially in the second hour). But, on the whole I found it entertaining which is good news. The dialogues are such that some are praise worthy whereas the others are clingy! The music by Amit Trivedi is quite peppy but they stem the flow of the drama drastically! The action sequences and production design are excellent here. The film is shot beautifully too! Director Mohanakrishna Indraganti has done a good job but could have avoided the extra flab from the screenplay.

There are primarily 4 principal characters here. Aditi Rao Hydari as Saheba looks so pretty and her acting will melt your heart. Nivetha Thomas as Apoorva looks smashing and impresses though her character could have been utilized in a different manner(say like a suspect). But credit to the actor for not derailing the drama! Sudheer Babu as ACP Adithya just had me hooked in his opening sequence. And I didn’t look back. A towering personality and amazing screen presence. Nani in his 25th outing, has an intimidating presence onscreen. His swag really wins you over. If you have enjoyed him in Jersey, you will know this is a completely opposite character which just shows his range as an actor!

V on the whole is entertaining provided you keep your expectations low and look beyond the love track. Available on Amazon Prime.

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