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Six Months into the quarantine period, and things are yet to get back to normal. Infact the threat is only bigger than ever. But the best part of it is that the nature around us is buzzling. The gentle tweeps of the birds or the hustle of trees, all are adding up to create music of their own. Based on this theme of music, there is a new release this week, Atkan Chatkan. Does it musically entertain, stay tuned.

Atkan Chatkan is the story of a gifted kid Guddu, who along with other street kids forms a band to participate in a music competition. Yes, this is an underdog story but nevertheless is heart warming. The screenplay follows the usual template of an underdog story and so there are little surprises in store. While the first hour is about the hardships of Guddu and the introduction of characters around him, it is the second half that slightly falters in the sense that it becomes a little too predictable. Not that it is bad, but every cliché in the book makes its way in the script that robs a bit of the thunder of an otherwise decently well written script. But to be fair, I didn’t really mind most of it due to the charming children and the make-shift instruments that they play (more on them later). The dialogues are routine. This being a musical, the music had to be awesome. And the good news is that music is its strongest point. And the BGM featuring drums by Sivamani is outstanding and a treat to your ears. Director Shiv Hare has done a good job tackling an novel subject in a known vicinity.

Jagdish Rajpurohit in the role of the principal has his moments to shine. So does Amitriyaan as Guddu’s father. Spruha Joshi as the music teacher is endearing. But it is the kids that steal the show. Yash Rane as Madhav is a very likable character and the glue of the band. Tamanna Deepak as Mithi has such a lovely smile and she does a good job. Sachin Choudhary playing her brother Chuttan is a natural. Aayesha Vindhara as Guddu’s sister is too cute! Lydian Nadhaswaram as Guddu is pretty good. All the supporting actors are okay.

Despite its flaws, Atkan Chatkan is a small film with a big heart. It deserves to be watched. One of the best BGMs of recent times in a film, this one is available on Zee5.

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