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It has been over 6 months now that I have been reviewing regional content. The thing with it is that they actually have stories to tell instead of the recycled stories which we as an audience get to see. Now, from the regional stuff I have reviewed almost all major languages except Bengali. And to fill in the gaps, here is my first review of a Bengali film. So, I have just finished watching the new Bengali release Tiki Taka. Does it score? Lets find out.

 Tiki Taka is the story of an African national who lands up in Kolkata to deliver a parcel. Soon, he is mistaken for a footballer. The premise of the story is eerily similar to the Malayalam film Sudani From Nigeria(highly recommended on netflix) but this one takes a different route after the initial few minutes. This is more of a story of comedy of errors though it does have an emotional track as well. The screenplay is light and breezy though there are no real high points in it. The climax is half baked. Also, the logic or the lack of it is strongly evident here. But if you can look past that then you will definitely enjoy it. Also, the football frenzy culture of Kolkata is nicely captured! The dialogues are alright. The music and the BGM are outstanding and one of the strongest points here. Director Parambrata Chattopadhyay(who doubles up as an actor too) has done a good job here keeping things breezy never letting it go melo! 

The performances are a mixed bag here. Saswata Chatterjee as PK is a wonderful actor and here he proves yet again in a character that is at best a caricature. Any other lesser skilled actor would have struggled to pull it off because of the very nature of the character being silly rather than intimidating. Ritabhari Chakraborty as Bonnie looks pretty and is such a natural. I have seen her in films like Pari and a couple of short films and the more I see her the more I have enjoyed her performance. Imona Enabula as Khelecchi is restrained here and has done a good job. His scenes with Raju are the best! Parambrata Chattopadhyay as Raju is a fine actor(we all know that) and here also he has done an outstanding job! All other characters are strictly average. 

Tiki Taka is a light and breezy film. If you can look past its flaws, this will be a good one time watch. Available on Zee5!

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