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Another Round

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Onto the final review to wrap up Saturday where we have presented you a variety of reviews feom new to old to recommended, so check out our Latest Reviews Section and Popcorn Features Section for all the updates. And with that final stretch for the day, I have just finished watching the Danish film Another Round on Amazon Prime. This movie had won the Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars this year and it was in my watchlist for quite some time. I am really thankful for Amazon Prime Video who releasing this film in India. And this is my first Danish review of any film on popcorn reviewss. So then, is it worth your time stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Another Round follows the story of four friends all of whom are teachers, as they run an experiment of improving their lives by maintaining a certain amount of alcohol in their blood. The story is unique and it is an accurate portrayal of alcoholism. The screenplay compliments the story well. As seen in most of the European films, the drama moves at a leisurely pace. You get every taste of the characters and the world around them. What the screenplay also successfully portrays is the pros and cons of alcohol. Through their experiment the folks realise that alcohol in a certain limit does help their routine while anything is excess is harmful, something that they realise when their personal lives go for a toss. Also the subtext here is midlife crisis and loneliness that are accurately portrayed. Any individual resorting to alcohol due to these problems would be able to relate to it. The screenplay is truely amazingly penned.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational and well penned. The music adds a nice vibe to the drama, the BGM is pulsating. Director Thomas Vinterberg is in terrific form here. He does a splendid job and comes out with flying colours.


All the performances are effortless but it is Mads Mikkelsen as Martin who steals the show. He is truely immersed into the character from scene one, depicting so many emotions like loneliness, depression and anxiety which he beautifully conveys through his eyes. This is an acting masterclass of the highest order.


Another Round is a masterpiece in its own sense that accurately depicts alcoholism. Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended.

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