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The Batman

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The weekend biggie is finally done and dusted. With that I finished watching The Batman last evening amidst much expectations. The fight between Marvel and DC has been pretty one-sided for quite a few years now. While Marvel has been churning out quality superhero films, the DC has struggled to find a foothold which the DC fans would disagree ofcourse. But offlate, with the Snyder’s cut of The Justice League releasing, it has kickstarted a bit of a revolution. So when it was announced that The Batman franchise would be rebooting, many did not give it a chance. The most talking point was whether it will be able to beat The Dark Knight franchise which was probably the best franchise across the DC and Marvel universe. But when its trailer was out, the excitement levels started to peak with the introduction of a worthy nemesis – The Riddler. Now that the film has released and I have watched it, here are my two cents on the film.

Story & Screenplay

The Batman follows the story of the savior of the Gotham city as he tries to piece together a puzzle following a string of killings. The story instantly oozes of the neo-noir style of storytelling where the superhero is in an investigative mode as opposed to exercizing his superpowers in a full throttle drama. This for ne made the protagonist vulnerable and more human, something which I was willing to buy. The screenplay standing at almost 3 hours seemed like a daunting task but it is extremely well written! The thrill element kicks in right from the very first scene. The ability of the writers to hold back the mystery element until the third act is intriguing and keeps the audience invested in the drama throughout. The screenplay almost unfolds like a serial killer drama with clues thrown in the narrative which are cerebral. The drama is filled with twists and turns which  are brilliant including the twist at the halfway mark.

The drama might seem a but dull to a small section of the audience but I personally felt that the pace was maintained throughout. The ultimate revelation of the antagonist(along with the can of worms) was scary and twisted on a psychological level. The part where the film falters slightly was at the concluding act. Although it was shot brilliantly but that for me went against the basic nature of the drama which was unfolding and instead was prey to the superhero template. But taking nothing away, this investigative style of screenplay in a superhero film was refreshing and brilliantly done.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are cerebral and will keep you invested throughout. The music and BGM are pulsating and they will ensure that you are at the edge of your seat. The cinematography is brilliant as is the colour grading where the dark shades give you a neo-noir touch to the drama. Director Matt Reeves has made a stunning contribution to this DC franchise. Firstly, he has brought back the investigative style of narrative which was brilliant and he also had a task to match up to The Dark Knight franchise which was a tall ask. Yet, he comes very close to matching it which in itself was an achievement. Kudos to the direction!


The performances are top notch here. Jeffrey Wright as Gordan was a little more agile and showed a lot of urgency throughout, brilliantly portrayed! Colin Farell as Oz/The Penguin is unrecognizable in a fabulously towering act! Paul Dano as The Riddler sends a shiver down your spine. John Turturto as Falcone is suave and quite good here. Zoe Kravitz as Selina looks gorgeous and has done a splendid job. And it is Robert Pattinson who scores as The Batman. His aura and persona reek of a superhero and he silences many of his critics who had raised a question mark on whether he would be able to pull off his role! Outstanding is the word!


The Batman shows us how to nail the superhero genre! But then the question – is it better than The Dark Knight, No. Does it manage to match up to it, Almost! Available in a theatre near you and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

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