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Tamil Rockerz

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Onto the next release of the weekend and I finished watching the new Tamil webseries Tamil Rockerz streaming on SonyLiv. Film Piracy has been a huge concern lately. These days, people wish to watch content from the comfort of their houses which is fine. But not everyone can afford an OTT subscription and hence the piracy market has always boomed. This is a damaging blow not only to the producers but to so many people who have given their blood and sweat to their passion project.

There have also been instances of films leaking hours or days before its release be it Udta Punjab or Mimi. The bottom line is that piracy is a crime but it is here to stay unfortunately with many people resorting to it. Amongst the few piracy sites, it is Tamil Rockerz who are the most popular and probably the quickest in circulating links of the films or series. So when a series on Tamil Rockerz was announced, I was super excited. It was also one of the few trailers which I happened to watch and I found it quite intriguing. Finally the series Tamil Rockerz makes its way to the budding OTT platform SonyLiv and I have finished watching it. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Tamil Rockerz follows a “fictional” story of a cop and his team trying to prevent an illegal release of a big budget film on the site Tamil Rockerz. Before this, I can’t quite recall a film or series being made on film piracy. And so the topic is novel to the core and it also provides a balanced commentary on the film industry and the way it functions. The screenplay standing at 8 episodes of roughly 30 odd minutes each(barring the final episode) makes for a brisk watch.

The drama has such a terrific premise that it sucks you in almost instantly. The writers are quick to give you a background of film privacy which is well known to the viewers. And so very little time is wasted. Soon, the protagonist is introduced in grand style epitomizing a mass masala entertainer. This sets the ball rolling for things to follow.

The proceedings are absolutely rivetting and they move at a brisk pace. This is a cat and mouse runchase weaved around a film piracy story. And it has really been done well. The narrative is balanced and it doesn’t shy away from addressing a few hush hush issues from the industry be it the way the “big stars” function or their toxic fan bases or even the dictatorship which is prevalent in the industry, something which Anurag Kashyap had mentioned in his recent interview. Having said that, the screenplay also puts things to perspective on how piracy does impact the industry and the people tagged to certain projects. So the messaging is loud and clear.

There are several twists and turns along the way that are interesting and something which keep you invested throughout. The drama does get slightly convoluted towards the end where many subplots either try to branch out or converge but the end result did seem to be convincing. The fight scene in the final act was straight from Bollywood and that somehow didn’t quite land. But the final twist was a good one thus forming an interesting setup for season 2. Overall, the screenplay is extremely well written wherein 8 episodes pass like a breeze.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are massy but quite impactful. The BGM is pulsating and constantly keeps you on your toes. The cinematography gives a fresh and a stylish vibe to the drama. The editing is good but could have been slightly more sharp for a crisper outlook. Director Arivazhagan has done a phenomenal job here. His storytelling technique will always keep you on the move and will always keep you invested in the drama. And for that reason, the director deserves distinction marks.


The performances are absolutely stunning. Kakkamuttai Vignesh and Kakkamuttai Ramesh both have their moments to shine. Sharath Ravi is first rate. Vinod Sagar does provide subtle moments of comedy and he does a good job. Vinodhini is fiery and absolutely stunning to watch. Iswarya Menon is pretty good and I feel her character will have a whole lot to do in season 2 which can go anywhere! Tharun Kumar has a tremendous personality and he puts it to full effect here. He is the perfect nemesis to the protagonist. Vani Bhojan looks pretty and has a charming presence onscreen. Arun Vijay is brilliant in his role. He carries off his character with a lot of style and substance thus making it really impactful.


Tamil Rockerz is a rivetting thriller which will  keep you invested right throughout. Available on SonyLiv and Highly Recommended.

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