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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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If this film was Patrakaar Popatlal from the cult show Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma then I would have said ‘Yeh Ek Number Ka Dibba Hai Dibba’. And to tolerate a performer by Divya Khossla for over two hours means that I needed a bravery award of sorts! Strangely though, I was actually looking forward to watching the new Hindi film Savi because it was directed by Abhinay Deo, the mind behind amazing films like Delhi Belly and Blackmail. It also co-starred Harshvardhan Rane and Anil Kapoor, two seasoned performers which made me believe that the film was in safe hands. While reading about the film, I did get to know that it is an adaptation of the English Film The Next Three Days which is return was the remake of the 2008 French film Pour Elle. And while I haven’t watched any of these films, I could clearly make out that the genders are reversed in Savi which basically meant that Divya Khossla had to shoulder the entire film while her co-actors would play ‘substitute’ or ‘coach’ respectively. This sole reason was a worrying sign for me as I ventured into the film Savi, does it manage to impress, let’s find out.

Story & Screenplay

An official adaptation of the French film Pour Elle, Savi follows the story of a regular housewife who stages a daring jailbreak to rescue her husband from a crime that he may not have committed. The story is surely an exciting proposition on paper but it did not necessarily translate into an exciting proposition on celluloid. In fact, I was confused on what the film wished to achieve in terms of its tone – was it planning to be a thriller? A comedy? A fun heist drama? And this for my was a major letdown in terms of the writing. What ought to have been a nail-biting film turns out to be a mumbling thriller that never really takes off, neither does it fully engage the viewers in a screenplay standing at 130 odd minutes. 

Typically, this sort of a premise needed a bit of a world building with a strong sense of characterization to truly invest yourself in the drama. Had this been a Malayalam film(even an adaptation), this would have had an intricate sense of world building wherein nothing would happen other than the viewers getting acquainted with the family. Instead here you are only briefly introduced to the family before getting straight to the point with the arrest of the character of the husband. And from here on, what follows is a confused kind of an execution that itself doesn’t know what it wishes to stand for. This ideally should have been a nail-biting whodunnit comprising of multiple versions of the truth, even as the jailbreak operation is planned. But the whodunnit part is almost put on a backburner immediately, only for the focus to be on the protagonist who stumbles upon a jail break artist who would eventually guide her in the operation. 

What flummoxed me even further was the shift in the tone of the drama, from being something serious to infusing the proceedings with bouts of comedy that made no sense. So you have a character frequently disguising himself to meet the protagonist, all in the name of CCTV cameras being stationed across the city, that resulted in the generation of a horrible mess. The focus of the end goal just wasn’t there, or should I say the seriousness in the writing was missing, thereby never fully engaging the viewers. Even the chain of events are so lacklustre and random that I was personally disconnected in the drama. For instance, the protagonist suddenly going to loot a bag of money only to randomly shoot a guy who has no relevance in the overall scheme of things was perhaps the most bizarre and random chain of events in a heist film. 

The unintentional laughter comes through during the actual heist which was touted as a jailbreak but instead becomes a hospital break, with the rescue op being staged in the general ward(rofl😂). This made me realise that the cops in this universe where a bunch of dimwits who couldn’t put two and two together, thereby allowing the protagonist couple an easy access. The plot becomes even more ridiculous when a character dressed as a clown helps the couple to escape. And quite honestly, what ought to have been a nail-biting finale resembling Baby turned out to be such a damp squib with only artificial excitement gracing the occasion. The late twist around the actual turn of events regarding the whodunnit made the film rather pointless. Overall, the screenplay is rather shoddy and makes a mumbling case for itself.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are unintentionally funny at times that don’t go with the mood of the film at all. The music is largely forgetable although melodious but isn’t exactly successful in evoking the underlying emotions of the drama. The BGM is decent and atleast trying to elevate the drama particularly during the ongoing heist in the final act of the film. The cinematography is also decent capturing the wider landscapes of Liverpool rather well while also contributing well to the thrilling aspects of the drama. The editing is a little choppy and also another reason why the drama doesn’t quite engage you enough. Director Abhinay Deo misses the mark here even from a world building and characterization point of view. At no point are you emotionally attached to the protagonist even as she tries every measures in her capacity to pull off a heist. The film was pretty plain with not too many high points, and a part of it is attributed to the execution by the director who failed to elevate a good script. 


The performances are woefully bad here to the point that they are embarassing. Himanshi Choudhry was the only character that did shine to an extent despite the writing never allowing her to fully flourish. It was nice to spot Raageshwari after eternity but she had very little to do here. Anil Kapoor is a great actor but as Paul he was reduced to such a caricature that I wondered who greenlit this creative decision. It is one thing to don a disguise but to be reduced to a laughing stock is criminal. Harshvardhan Rane is another able actor but he is terribly underplayed to a point that he barely had any meat in his character. He was woefully underutilized, something that didn’t sit right for me. The film solely rests on the shoukders of Divya Khossla who is just ridiculously off with her character. Not only is it inconsistent but it confused me as a viewer on what the tone of the drama is. Her dialogue delivery is definitely a huge problem as it never sit right with the mood of the drama(almost felt like a comedy in the most inappropriate place in a scene). I really feel she needs to train in acting if she has serious ambitions of being an actor because this can’t keep going on!


Savi is a mumbling thriller with atrocious screenplay writing and woeful performances that made for a horrendous watch despite a worthy premise. Available in a theatre near you.

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