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Bollywood has been through one of the toughest times yet. Ever since the demise of Sushant, there has been an outcry and an uproar against nepotism that is prevalent in the industry. With many trolls targetting the starkids and their work, the whole situation is a mess. One such film that had to face the wrath was the Sanjay Dutt-Alia Bhatt starrer Sadak 2, whose trailer broke all records of being the most disliked trailer of all time( a whopping 12M dislikes at the time of writing this review). While I do not support the trolls and tend to look at a film with an open mind, its trailer was genuinely bad. Well finally the film has seen the light of the day on an OTT platform, while the trolls have begun bashing this film, here is my genuine unbiased review for the same. 

Sadak 2 is the sequel to the 1991 film Sadak and (supposedly) picks up from where the first film ended. This one follows the story of Aryaa who wants to take revenge against a Godman and while on her journey meets Ravi(from first Sadak, apna Sanju Baba). What follows is a major trainwreck. What were the writers thinking? What prompted them to write such a terrible screenplay. The screenplay is genuinely so bad that the writers need to be fined. To be fair, a couple of twists, although highly implausible, are decent in the second hour but the writing is so shoddy that it made me fidget on my seat for the better part of the 135 mins. The writing has seriously angered me. I happened to watch the first Sadak a few days back. While, the same seemed stale in 2020, but back in time it would have come across as gritty with right ingredients for the masses as well. But its sequel is a complete trainwreck(for the umpteenth time). The dialogues are equally bad. The music of Sadak was fabulous but no memorable songs here(though a couple of songs are decent). Director Mahesh Bhatt returning after 20 years on his director’s chair, is so bad and so outdated that you cannot help but think of a logical reason as to why did he have to take up direction. A veteran of films like Saaransh or even the first Sadak, is a pale shadow of himself here. Disappointing.

No the performances are not coming to the rescue here. Mohan Kapoor as Rajesh is average. Gulshan Grover – The Iconic Bad Man, was cast just to be beaten up here. By the way, his name was Dilip Hathkatta, because he right hand had been cut off. LAME! Priyanka Bose(who was so good in Pareeksha) as Nandini is just about okay. The veteran Makarand Deshpande as Gyaan Prakash is a wonderful actor otherwise, but here he is just outlandish and reduced to a caricature. Jisshu Sengupta as Yogesh starts on a wrong note but quickly holds onto some ground to come out as one of the better actors. Aditya Roy Kapur as Vishal/Munna or whatever the f*** his name is, phirse charsi bana hai! Forgettable outing after Malang. Alia Bhatt as Aryaa. Such a fine actress but since when did she begin to ham. She literally overacts in many scenes(though her better sense prevails in others). Sanjay Dutt as Ravi has done a good job but to be honest the dialogues given to him are absurd. Poor guy tries to make things happen but with pathetic writing, even the most skilled actors will struggle. By the way, Hope he recovers from his illness, wish to see more of him onscreen!

Sadak 2 is unbearable. I am not very critical of movies generally and always try looking at the positives but here I couldn’t find any. Nepotism or otherwise, this is a very bad film. Period. You cannot take your audience for a ride, not on this ‘rocky path’. I rest my case. Available on Hotstar VIP if you still want to watch it.

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