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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Onto the next release of the weekend which is literally the lull before the storm(which is Pathaan), and I have finished watching the new English animation film Puss In Boots : The Last Wish. Fairy Tales have been an ideal part of my childhood, something which was the foundation for my liking of stories. It all began with the bedtime stories which my grandma used to narrate, each with a special purpose. For example, if I had skipped dinner, the story would revolve around food which would automatically make me salivate and ask for dinner. In other instances, it would form a part of her vivid imagination almost painting a picture to me. And lastly, the stories would also include the classic fairy tale stories which would put me to bed with a smile on my face. This did become a bit of a routine day in and day out, something which I did look forward to.

During my impressionable years with animation films, I was introduced to Shrek which later did turn out to be one of the best franchise for fairy tales. The films did have an enchanting way of introducing characters from our favourite fairy tales and putting them together in a universe of their own. The franchise did lead to a spin off franchise of some special characters too, one of which was Puss In Boots. It was recently that I had stumbled on the trailer of Puss In Boots : The Last Wish and it did seem like a winner of a concept right away. And so I was eagerly awaiting its release. Finally, the film was out this weekend and I did happen to watch it. So then does Puss In Boots : The Last Wish manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Designed as a fairy tale, Puss In Boots : The Last Wish follows the story of Puss who is on the verge of exhausting his nine lives(yes, a cat does have nine lives) and is on his final life until he discovers a way of restoring his nine lives. Will he be able to overcome obstacles and eventually restore his lives? The story adapts perfectly to the age old fairy tales amidst weaving an interesting concept. The screenplay standing at a shade above a 100 minutes is breezy and packed with humour and that tingling feeling of warmth.

The first thing that I did like about the drama was that it did establish the fact that this was a fairy tale that instantly changed the gaze for the viewers. Soon you are introduced to the main protagonist, our beloved Puss In Boots, who is shown to be a rebel and challenge authorities. And while trying to boast of his legend, he dies in a cause in a hilarious scene. Soon, he does get to know that he has his final life to put it to good use, until he gets to know of the wishing star which would grant him one wish. With multiple obstacles in play and some unexpected company, he makes his way to the star.

The drama is engaging and hilarious but the innovative aspect(which is synonymous with the Shrek franchise) is that it did take a few characters from different fairy tales and put them together. Now I am unsure if the millenials would have heard about them, but Jack Horner and Goldilocks and The Three Bears were some of the fairy tales which we had heard in our childhood. And to place these unrelated characters in the midst of an adventure was a genius creative decision. The fun element was that these characters did have their traits intact and were almost prompted to react to the situation that did add a fresh dimension to the drama. And those ‘Big Cute Eyes🥺🥺’ do also form a part of the narrative.

Usually when it comes to animation films, you do tend to associate and compartmentalize them for children. But if you look closely, there are life lessons to be had in such movies qhich may apply more to young adults as much as to children. And Puss In Boots was no different. In a beautiful scene, Puss, Kitty and Perrito have to choose between one route to reach their destination with each having different routes planned. Here the routes were used as a metaphor for the state of the mind. So if there was malice involved, the route was be filled with obstacles. But a kinder mind had a simple and happy route ahead of him. A concept beautifully told through the drama.

The humour is prevalent in so many scenes with a sense of nostalgia associated with them given your favourite characters from the fairy tales. This contributes to a fun filled adventure that keeps you as a viewer invested right throughout. The final act was also well executed although simplistic and it also did have a valuable life lesson of living life to the absolute fullest. A quick outro does give a hint about what the next film of the franchise might have to offer and that really does add to my excitement of the ‘Shrek’verse. So overall, the screenplay is simplistic but beautifully penned with valuable life lessons.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are witty, hilarious and profound that add a solid impact to the drama. The music and BGM impart a lovely flavour of the drama. The cinematography and animation is absolutely top notch and it did contribute to the fun element of the drama. Director Joel Crawford does an excellent job in keeping things palatable for kids but in that process also imparting valuable life lessons to young adults like me. The proceedings are entertaining and engrossing and so there isn’t a compromise made on the prime factor of an animation film. In other words, the direction is outstanding.


The voiceovers are absolutely fabulous to witness. John Mulaney as as the voice of Jack Horner is outstanding. Samson Kayo as Baby Bear, Olivia Colman as Mama Bear and Ray Winstone as Papa Bear hit the right notes with their voiceovers. Florence Pugh as Goldilocks is brilliant. Wagner Moura as the Wolf is intimidating. Harvey Guillen as Perrito is so heartwarming. Salma Hayek as Kitty pulls off her voiceover with aplomb. Antonio Bandares as Puss In Boots is absolutely smashing with the right tinge of emotions in what was a roller coaster of a journey.


Puss In Boots : The Last Wish is a magical rendition of our childhood fairy tales that makes for a fascinating watch. Available in a theatre near you and Highly Recommended!

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