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Prakashan Parakkatte

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


In these hectic days of exhaustion and after a long day’s work, I usually do not enjoy an intense film to watch. But such is the nature of reviewing films that you rarely have a choice wherein you need to cover whatever new comes your way. So on days when I do have a choice, I prefer to select light hearted or slice of life films which are meant for a leisurely viewing. Amongst the slice of life films, a part genre is also coming of age dramas, something which I have repeatedly said that they are mostly relatable and heartwarming. Such dramas would be a perfect way to end the long day only to be ready for the grind next day. With that I finished watching the new Malayalam film Prakashan Parakkatte on Zee5, a film that not many are talking about. So I too had low expectations and decided to pick it for two reasons – it being a Malayalam film and it is a coming of age story. So then is Prakashan Parakkatte worth your time, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Prakashan Parakkatte is the coming of age story of Das which begins as a frivolous teenager only to change after being witness to an accident. The story is heartwarming even though it follows a standard template in the coming of age genre. And knowing that this is a Malayalam film, the story is a low key one which makes it a lot more believable than some of the other dramas of this genre. The screenplay standing at just over 2 hours is perfect for this kind of a drama.

The drama is a typical start to any Malayalam film. The good part is that the writers are well aware of building the world which would make the audience deeply rooted to the characters of that world. And so here you are introduced to the protagonist and his family. You also get a glimpse of their humble background and his dynamics with his family and his friends. A small complaint that I had was that the writers did linger this drama for a tad too long in the first half. Maybe a crisper edit in the first hour could have been beneficial because the halfway mark had a twist which I didn’t see it coming. And the drama picks up from that point.

The second hour has a little more urgency to it. But what really scores in the screenplay are the emotions. There are so many instances where you will find your heart melt and eyes swell up in some terrific heartwarming moments. The gradual shift in the protagonist taking responsibility makes for a compelling viewing. In between the love story also leaves a mark and forms an integral part of the screenplay. The feelings of guilt and regret only to transform them into endurance marked a perfect journey of the protagonist. The final act has quite a few life lessons which can easily be absorbed in a feel-good screenplay which has its heart in the right place.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational and very well written. Some life long gems in the form of life lessons can also be attained through this narrative. The music is melodious and goes well with the drama. The BGM is quite nice especially in the emotional moments. The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking. Director Shahad Nilambur keeps things simple and this is where he scores. The drama is light and breezy yet emotional and heartfelt and the director deserves credit for it too!


The performances are really good. Aju Varghese as Musthafa, Dhyan Sreenivasan aa Suni and Nisha Sarangh as Latha have their moments to shine. Ritunjay Sreejith aa Akhil is a bundle of talent(given his great genes as well) and he delivers a heartfelt performance. Saiju Kurup as Kuttan is effortless in his comedy and he definitely makes his presence felt. Govind V Pai as Anwar is first rate, Malavika Manoj oozes of simplicity making her character so affable. Sminu Sijo as Lalitha is excellent. Dileesh Pothan as Prakashan delivers a well restrained and heartwarming performance. Mathew Thomas as Das has such a charming presence onscreen and he is brilliant here. He has such a disarming smile that it is hard not to like his character despite his flaws(in his character traits).


Prakashan Parakkatte is a heartwarming coming of age story which is well worth your time. Available on Zee5.

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