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We are a country of 1.3 billion people and quite a few of our people are below the poverty line. It is rather unfortunate, but having said that one thing that can change the situation is the power of education. All the young minds have the right to it and by doing so stand a chance to reverse their fortunes for the better. Bringing to you an early bird review on Thursday, I happened to watch a new film released on Zee 5, Pareeksha, is it worth your time lets find out.

Pareeksha is the story of a rickshaw puller who aspires to give his son good education and he will go to any length to fulfil it even though it requires him to break the law. The story is simple but pretty good. The screenplay is nicely penned though not without its share of flaws. It seems rather hurried in few places and it is far fetched and filled with cliches. Also, it the drama is pretty constant and doesn’t really spike! But, it definitely has some heart melting moments that keep you invested in the drama. The track of a parent going to any level to see his son succeed is an emotion that does tug your heart and you definitely feel for the character. The dialogues are decent. This film suffers from a similar fate as Yaara, the editing is again choppy here and doesn’t fully allow you to immerse in the drama. Director Prakash Jha who has films like Raajneeti and Gangaajal to his credit, has done a good job here as well. He really knows how to keep the story earthy and rooted to the area from which it originates(here it is Ranchi).

Sanjay Suri as the IPS officer is wonderfully restrained as always in an endearing character. Shubham Jha as Bulbul is such a find here. He has good screen presence and effortlessly portrays his character. Priyanka Bose as Bulbul’s mother is outstanding and you instantly take a liking to her. Adil Hussain as Buchchi is so wonderful and layered that even in his wrongdoings you tend to have that empathy for him. And the emotions that he portrays is beautiful!

Despite its flaws, Pareeksha is a good watch. At no point will you be bored and more importantly it is heartwarming. Available on Zee5.

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