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Another new release this weekend, this time on MX Player is The Bipasha Basu-Karan Singh Grover starrer, Dangerous, with the former making a comeback of sorts and making her digital debut. Is it worth it, stay tuned.

Dangerous is the story of a cop assigned the case of a billionaire’s wife that has gone missing with the billionaire being her ex-flame. Story is way too routine. The screenplay has its twists and turns but honestly is way too convenient and just all over the place. No effort has been given to detailing whatsoever. What could have been interesting was the introduction of many characters to confuse the audience and keep them guessing. Instead what you get is cliched and lazy writing that has nothing new to offer. Not sure why Vikram Bhatt keeps recycling old stories one after the other. The dialogues are way too dramatic. Songs have little meaning here. Direction of Bhushan Patel is seriously all over the place. In other words, the direction is almost as bad as the writing.

Nitin Arora as Jaggu is just a bad actor that is wrongly cast as well. Sonali Raut as Diya is good but is let down by the writing. Natasha Suri as Gauri blows hot and cold and is a bit inconsistent in the acting department. Suyyash Rai as Vishal is the pick of the actors and by some margin. Karan Singh Grover as Aditya Dhanraj is way too stiff. Bipasha Basu as Neha is good but her charm of some of the older movies like Jism and Raaz is missing. A forgettable digital debut.

At 7 episodes of just 15 mins each, Dangerous is a badly made movie disguised as a web series. I do not like criticizing this much but I cannot support such mediocre content, definitely not in 2020. Do not waste your time. Stay Clear. Available on MX Player if you still wish to watch it.

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