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Vinci Da

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Last week I had watched Dracula Sir that was a modern day masterpiece. And with it rekindled my interest in Bengali films. With not much new content releasing this weekend, it gave me an opportunity to watch and review Vinci Da on Amazon Prime. And with it, this is the third Bengali movie that I will be reviewing. So the billion dollar question, is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Vinci Da is the story of a makeup artist who unwillingly becomes an accomplice to a serial killer. The story’s concept is enthralling. Itd just so amazing to see new concepts being explored on one of my favourite genres – the serial killer one. The screenplay is also taut. The best part is the pacing – the writers never rush into the drama. It moves at a leisurely pace, introducing the two characters and their backgrounds. But at no point does it feel lagged. Also, the screenplay is cerebral and doesn’t take the intelligence of the audience for granted. The proceedings are bone chilling and believable. Even the end stays true to its theme. And the love story as a subplot works beautifully. This screenplay was tricky, had the love story not been done well, the film could have fallen flat due to a twist at the end. And it was so well written that you almost are left empathetic towards the lead. Outstanding is the word.

The dialogues definitely leave a lasting impact. I once again loved the music and the BGM. The best part is the songs do not break the flow of the narrative, instead they flow with it. Director Srijit Mukherji has done a fabulous job here. I just loved his narrative style.

The performances are excellent. Sohini Sarkar as Jaya has a small role, a character who stammers. She so beautifully portrays it. The character has a lasting impact on you, so effortlessly done. Anirban Bhattacharya as ACP Poddar, what a fine actor! I had watched him as the lead in Dracula Sir, he was mind blowing there. He is as effortless and equally good here. Brilliant acting. Ritwick Chakraborty as Adi Bose is bone chillingly good. His poker expressions really steal the show. You may not like his character but you don’t hate him either, such was his impeccable performance. Rudranil Ghosh as Vinci Da is the star of the show. There are so many layers to his character but he nails each and every one of them. Exceptional is the word!

Vinci Da is offbeat, cerebral and an absolutely must watch! It takes the serial killer genre a step forward. Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended!

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