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URI: The Surgical Strike

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Amidst the biopics, Bollywood has lately started adapting real life incidents for the silver screen. Last month, had released Kedarnath based on the catastrophic 2013 floods in the region. This week releases Uri, based on the deadliest attack in the region followed by a clinical surgical strike by the Indian Army. Its trailer looked extremely promising, is the film full of ‘Josh’ too ….lets find out.

Uri is a fictional story based on real events of the surgical attack carried out by the Indian Army in PoK. It is indeed a story that was waiting to be told. The screenplay is quite well written although it does drag in a few places. The film is also devoid of unnecessary songs and romantic sidetracks which we had earlier witnessed in certain films from this genre. The film is technically very strong with amazingly choreographed gun battles and hand to hand combat scenes and a captivating and enthralling background score. On the downside the characterization of our neighbors and the emotional angle featuring Vicky’s mother is an eye sore ! Dialogues are clap worthy. First time director Aditya Dhar has done a decent job with the proceedings.

Yami Gautam and Kirti Kulhari have done a decent job with their limited roles. Debutant Mohit Raina makes his mark in his brief role. Paresh Rawal is good as Govind(Ajit Doval in real life) and Rajit Kapoor is decent as our honourable PM. But it is the brute Vicky Kaushal who once again steals the show as Vihaan Singh Shergill. Seen last year in Raazi as a Pakistani officer, this year he has switched sides and boy it is another towering performance and a green tick in his report card! He instills energy single handedly in the proceedings!!

Uri, although factually not entirely correct, does have moments of chest thumping patriotism(as is the case with such formula based movies) but thankfully does not overindulge. It does drag in parts and is a bit flawed in certain areas but it is definitely well worth your time. Feel the ‘Joshhhh’ in a theatre near you!

PS : How’s the Joshhh?? High Sir!
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