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Quarantine Season. New Movies discovery, you know the drill. Lets get straight into the review. Birbal Trilogy is a Kannada movie with three parts as the name suggests. I am particularly impressed with thrillers made down South, one because they are intelligent and cerebral, two because they test the intelligence of the audience and three because they do not take the audience for granted! Now, this is another thriller, does this strike gold too or does the law of averages catch up….lets find out.

Birbal Trilogy is the first part of the three film series where a lawyer investigates an 8 year old case to prove the innocence of one of his clients. Now if you are wondering if the story is concluded(as it is a 3 part series), yes there is a closure. The story is packed with twist and turns. And the best part being, the culprit is revealed right at the end! The screenplay is quite well written except for the extra flab in the form of songs and unnecessary comic scenes which are really unfunny. I just wish, had the makers just stuck to the investigative drama, this would have been just an exceptional movie. The last 20 minutes is when the thriller hits a 5th gear and it is when you need to be attentive the most. Screenplay is good but not without its flaws and loopholes. There are a few gaping loopholes which may be addressed in the second and third part, however there was no indication for the same. The dialogues are good, music unnecessary. Director MG Srinivas(who is also the main lead) has done a good job with the direction though he could have really done without the flab!

The performances elevate the drama. Madhusudha as the corrupt police cop is outstanding. Rukmini Vasanth in a small role has her presence felt as the love interest of Birbal. Sujay Shastry is one character that could have been written differently by avoiding the comic element. Vineet Kumar as the main accused is ernest. MG Srinivas and Mahesh Das is very good and drives the film throughout.

Birbal Trilogy is a pretty good watch if you can look past the songs and the unnecessary comic elements. The film does score in the thrill department, could have been a bit tighter though with its execution. Available on Amazon Prime.
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