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Onto the last release of the weekend and I have just finished watching Teddy on DisneyPlus Hotstar. Even though the concept of a teddy being pals with a grown man has already been seen in Hollywood flicks like Ted and successfully so, it is a fresh new concept for India. What intrigued me instantly was the poster which gave me a feeling of a thriller more than a comedy. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

To avoid any sort of spoilers for this movie, I will keep the story under wraps only to reveal that this is a medical thriller. The story has all the ingredients to be this high concept masala mass entertainer. And it has been written so well! The screenplay takes a little time to get started but post the introduction of its main protagonist, things start to flow. While the first half is about the bond between our hero and the teddy, surprisingly the second half gets darker as the drama enters the thrill mode. And this is where the movie completely wins you over. It is thrill a minute stuff that keeps you on your toes throughout. It is the writing particularly of the second half that makes this movie so entertaining and nowhere related to the Hollywood flick Ted.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are pretty impressive and that sense of emotion is evident in them which adds soul to the drama. The music is quite good. Director Shakti Soundar Rajan has done a terrific job with this high concept thriller. He deserves the highest amount of accolades.


Sakshi Agarwal is impressive in a cameo as Dr. Priya. Sayyesha Saigal as Srividya looks pretty and has done a good job. Satish as Shiva’s friend is decent. Magizh Thirumeni as Dr. Varadarajan is intimidating and has done a swell job. It is Arya as Shiva who is spectacular in the film. His towering presence and persona just set the screen on fire.


Teddy is a high concept thriller that is well worth your time. And that is how you nail the commercial masala genre. Available on DisneyPlus Hotstar and Highly Recommended.