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Sufiyum Sujatayum

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Another Friday is here which means another early bird review for you. But before I get to my review I have some news(if you don’t know it already). A couple of my friends and I have started a new facebook page – Popcorn Movie Reviews which is an extension of . Yes, the reviews will continue to feature on my facebook wall and instagram(@farhad_dalal) as well but I just hope you shower our new page with as much love. Speaking of which, love as they say knows no boundaries or caste or religion. One of the purest yet the most complex relation of them all, I have just finished watching Sufiyum Sujatayum(a bit of a tongue twisted ain’t it) which has the core ingredient of love infused in it…does it melt your heart, stay tuned.

Sufiyum Sujatayum is the story of Sujata, mute by birth, who travels with her husband to pay last rites to a Sufi Saint whom she loved with all her heart. The story is not really novel. And it is a difficult screenplay to explain. While the proceedings are slow and there is not much stuff happening, it is the silence which has a profound impact and does keep the drama moving. And this is what keeps you invested as well. You probably need to keep your brain aside for these 120 minutes, and feel every beat of the drama for you to take a liking to it, else you may not like it! On the downside, the trajectory of the movie is such that it moves at the same pace throughout which in turn minimalizes the impact of the climax! Yet, it touches on a couple of relevant issues in a quietly layered screenplay! The dialogues are minimal yet they leave an impact. Ok, so this is a musical and the music has to score in such dramas. And here, the music is an absolute winner! It is soulful and calms your nerves almost instantly as you continue to fall in love with the characters. Director Naranipuzha Shanavas has done a swell job here, and truly captures the soul of the film.

Siddique as Sujatha’s father is good. Jayasurya as Dr. Rajeev is absolutely brilliant. I am astonished that this is the same actor that I saw in the Malayalam thriller Mumbai Police. Excellent Range. Dev Mohan as Sufi is wonderfully restrained and his face evokes a sense of calmness. Aditi Rao Hydari has delivered a phenomal performance as Sujatha, a character that is mute. Each emotion captured and delivered perfectly. Watch her cry silently in an emotionally moving scene when her grandmother doesn’t wake up one morning! Excellent work!

Sufiyum Sujatayum is the first of the many Malayalam movies to release directly on an OTT app. It is soft, poetic, soulful and melancholic and should be watched with alot of heart. Available on Amazon Prime!!

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