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Section 375

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2019 has been a landmark year in Bollywood. While almost a dozen movies have been success stories, on the working front it has been marred by controversies as well. The #MeToo movement picked up steam in India when quite a few film makers were accused of misusing their position of power against women who worked with them or came asking for work. Based on the same, Section 375(a law which defines rape as a sexual intercourse with a woman against her consent) releases this week. The trailer looked gritty….is the film worth your time, lets find out.

Section 375 is the story of a film maker who is accused of rape by a woman in his crew. Did he? Didn’t he? The story is definitely hard hitting and in your face. The screenplay follows the same trend and does not provide you any respite with humour. It is straight in your face and at times can get a little overwhelming. But the good thing being, it does keep you guessing of what may have transpired between the avictim and the accused right till the end! It also depicts the culture of the media and the social media announcing the verdict even before the court delivers the actual one. Very relevant! The dialogues are sharp. No songs(which is great) but the background score is entralling. Director Ajay Behl who last directed the dark ‘BA Pass’ , is again good here. He keeps the proceedings raw which works well here!

Kishore Kadam and Kruttika Desai have their moments as the judges. Meera Chopra as the victim is good. Rahul Bhat as the accused excels. Richa Chadha is good too though her character is hidden in the shadow of her co actor. And then there is Akshaye Khanna, such an underrated actor, who once again holds his own and carries the burden of the movie on his shoulders. Excellent acting!

On the whole, Section 375 is raw, gritty and hard hitting. If you plan to go just for the entertainment, do skip this one. But if movies that depict reality is your cup of tea, do go for this! It will not disappoint.

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