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System crasher 2019 Movie Review

System Crasher

Taniyaa Mehta
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When it comes to films from Germany, I have always heard of films with war and violence, well just recently I came across a German Gem called – system Crasher which released in 2019, and I couldn’t help but write about it. This movie really moved me and made me want to watch unexplored German cinema. So, if you are like me – who hasn’t watched many German movies and don’t know where to start? This is the movie for you.

Directed by a debutant director – Nora Fingschiedt, she is a documentary filmmaker who learnt about the term system Crasher when she was filming a documentary in southern Germany and got so inspired that she spent 5 years in heavy research and scripting

The movie is about a 12 year old innocent girl who has major anger issues and wants to be loved by her family – especially her mother who cannot take care of her anymore and sends her away. Around 100 girls auditioned for this movie but the director would always come back to Helena Zingal who is the lead of the movie because she was the only one who played so much anger and frustration with desperation for love

I love that this was not shot shot like a movie but a documentary, I was immersed in her life and could feel the pain. Some scenes are beautifully shot and the edit is just perfect, I wasnt bored even for half a second.

Special mention to the end of the movie – I don’t think the director could give a better end to this film. I love stories that have an open ending and leaves the audience thinking, this is definitely one of them.

System Crasher won hearts at berlinale and was sent as the oscar contender from germany but didnt make it to the shortlist

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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