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Luv Ni Luv Storys

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Ok, so the long weekend coupled with my decision not to invest on the pay per views of the two new releases on ZeePlex gave me an opportunity to look at some of the regional content on various OTT platforms. And it being a Sunday meant that I wanted to watch something light just to ease out and be fresh for a big week ahead. And so I handpicked the Gujarati film Luv Ni Love Storys on Amazon Prime. I went in with low expectations and expecting to have a good time in general, was it worth it, lets find out.

Luv Ni Love Storys is the story of, yes you guessed it, Luv and his various experiences with a very complex emotion of Love. The story is not very novel but it is interesting nevertheless. The screenplay is very well penned, the best part of it is that in films like these, the male protagonist is generally stereotyped as a stud or a playboy with all girls falling for him(like in Bachna Ae Hasino or even Ladies Vs Ricky Behl). But here our dear Luv is an average job who has his share of ambitions, is a family man and love is just something that happens to him. It is very organic to put it in a simple way. And this single quality just had me in throughout. It is light, frothy and never melodramatic. Usually such films falter in the second hour, this one though is breezy throughout. Maybe that last monologue could have been done without but otherwise quite funny and entertaining. Also, I’ll let you in on a secret. A couple of the Love Stories was eerily similar to mine(in terms of characteristics of the leads). So, in a way it was relatable too. Yes, there are a few clichés and over the top sequences but it didn’t really bother me as the emotion and logics were in place. The dialogues are equally good. The music and the BGM are simply outstanding and so the songs which usually break the flow of the story, were instead a welcome addition. The production value was incredibly good too. Director Durgesh Tanna has done a good job keeping things light hearted throughout and also not compromising on its core emotion.

The performances as usual are excellent as you will always find in any regional film(particularly). Hardik Sangani as Saumitra has a deadpan expression and provides some of the comic moments where you let out your laughter. Shraddha Dangar as Mishti is simply outstanding(like she was in Hellaro too). I really wished for a little more of her screen time because she was very good. Her Hellaro costar, Vyoma Nandi as Sonam is outstanding too in a character that might be relatable to many😊. Deeksha Joshi as Preeti looks so pretty(hey that rhymed😅) and as usual an excellent job at the office. I watched her last week in Dhunki and here again another character, another shade in which she blends perfectly. Also she has a new release lined up next weekend called 376D, do show your love to it too. And there is Pratik Gandhi as Luv. The more I watch him, the more I have started admiring his work. He is simply outstanding getting into the pulse of the character and nailing it down. A big weekend coming up wherein you will see him in 1992 Scam which looks brilliant. Eagerly awaiting it! All other characters make their presence felt!

Luv Ni Love Storys has exceeded my expectations. The subtle message in the middle has also caught my attention too, a sort of a rut we all end up in after every heartbreak. A simple analogy perfectly sums up the film – an ice candy, add different flavours and enjoy it before it melts! Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended!

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