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Perhaps now, we are looking at the new normal, new releases each week on an OTT platform. And with huge releases coming up in the upcoming weeks, we are in for a treat. Keeping up with the tradition of an early bird review on a Friday morning, I watched the Kannada film, Law on Amazon Prime. Is it worth your time, lets find out.

Law is the story of a law student who claims that she is a victim of a hideous crime. What is the truth? The story is really done to death with. And I still wouldn’t mind watching it, if it is done well. But the screenplay is a royal mess. It is patchy to begin with and problem begins when the writers try to throw everything in it. And not to mention, it is convenient and cliched. What transpires is that the drama fails to grip you and you tend to disconnect from the drama and just go through the motions. Another Big Minus point are the dialogues that are way too preachy for my liking. Director Raghav Samarth has missed the mark and by some way, the direction is way below the mark and leaves a lot to be desired.

The performances are just about average. Avinash as Nandini’s father is terribly confused. Rajesh Nataranga as Shyam Prasad is above average. Mandya Ramesh as Krishnamurthy terribly overacts. Ragini Prajwal is her debut outing looks pretty but is a bit stiff. Wish she gets more chances in the future. Hebbale Krishna as Parathasarathy is the lone spark in an otherwise dull drama.

Law is a train wreck, needless to say it can be skipped. Still if you wish to watch it, it is available on Amazon Prime.

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