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Kilometers and Kilometers

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This has been a rather dull start to the weekend with no new releases to cater to. Up until recently there have been instances of 3 or more new movies/series releasing on an OTT platform each week, and hence this weekend has been an exception and does give critics like me a little breathing space. But that has allowed me to explore a bit, and so I have just finished watching the Malayalam Film Kilometers and Kilometers on Netflix. This film that has its television premiere on Onam last year finally got released on an OTT platform last weekend. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Kilometers and Kilometers is the story of a debt ridden man who takes up a job of riding a foreigner across India in order to earn a quick buck. Soon unexpected bondings take over. The story is basically a road movie. And there is a certain charm in them. Films like Karwaan have stayed with you for the fact that you generally become a part of their journey while slowly getting to know the characters around. After a bit of a slow start(which could have been slightly hurried), the screenplay picks up once the couple hit the road. Here I must add that the cinematography is brilliant and captures the scenic beauty perfectly. Things are breezy and outstanding until the curse of the second hour when the film dips slightly owing to a twist which ought to have been a mere event, but sadly forms chunk of the second half. Here things begin to slide, and although watchable, you cannot help but think that things are repetitive. On the brighter side, the two cultures are decently well portrayed, particularly in the first hour. The screenplay looked promising but flatters to deceive in the second hour that culminates into a clichéd climax!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues have many cultural references and they are fun to witness. I really enjoyed the music here and it blends perfectly with the drama. Director Jeo Baby who had directed one of the films of 2021, The Great Indian Kitchen, is in decent form here. He manages to hold your attention in the first hour but slightly lets it slip in the second hour.


There are a host of cameos here and all of them are brilliant. But the film rests on the shoulders of the two protagonists. This was the first time that I witnessed India Jarvis onscreen. As Cathy she looks beautiful and has done an excellent job. You will slowly fall in love with her. Tovino Thomas as Josemon has a towering personality. He is affable and extremely likable and his acting will win you over!


Kilometers And Kilometers is a breezy watch although there are potholes along the way. Available on Netflix.

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