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Khayali Pulao

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Watching two webseries in a single weekend has definitely taken some toll on me. This is definitely in respect to time, as it hasn’t left me enough time for another movie, leave alone another web series. So, I decided to watch and review a shortfilm. Now, I had been doing a section of shortfilms that are well worth your time. And so with the same hope I watched, Khayali Pulao featuring one of my favourite Youtubers, Prajakta Koli. Is it worth it, lets find out.

Set in a small village in Haryana, Khayali Pulao is the story of Asha a young school going girl who decides to take up Handball as a sport despite not being good at it. The story is simple yet heart warming. The screenplay also balances it well by deftly touching on a few issues which girls do face yet giving them loads of hope. The dialogues are sharp. For a short film, the music is quite good. Director Tarun Dudeja has done a wonderfully subtle job with the direction.

The performances are mainly powered by two characters. Yashpal Sharma as the coach of the Handball team is yet again excellent and his one liners do end up in laughs. Prajakta Koli as Asha is a pleasant surprise. She looks so innocent and is as endearing. You live every moment of the short film through her character.

Standing at 26 minutes, Khayali Pulao might be about the one final try that you give before giving up, yet at the heart of it, is about the smaller aspects of life that you look forward to and that make you happy. This short will leave a smile on your face! A positive film in an otherwise gloomy world currently. Available on youtube! Recommended!

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