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Down to Earth with Zac Efron 2020 Netflix Documentary Series Review

Down to Earth with Zac Efron

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Have you ever imagined drinking varieties of water just like how you drink wine? Why do most people in Italy or certain parts of the world have a longer life and are called centenarians, what different do they do? Do you know, all apple has only 5 seeds? There is an International Potato Centre in Lima, which preserves 4600 genomes of potato, one of the super foods if ate in the right manner.

Down to Earth by Zac Efron is a web docuseries about Zac’s travel around the places on the Earth, which uncovers various facts about Nature, life experience, green energy, and sustainable living. Zac is an American singer and actor, you might know him by famous movies – Hairspray, Dirty Grandpa, or Baywatch. In this series, he is accompanied by Darin Olien, who is a guru of superfoods. Darin is a wellness expert and has written a book “Superlife”. The series is composed of 8 episodes and takes us on a tour to unhide the facts about mother nature which most of us might not even be aware of.

The series takes you to 8 different places and shows you different things happening around the world for sustainable living and how we might be harming our mother earth without even being aware of it. Using natural resources for the purpose is yet another thing they showed.

Episode 1: Geothermic and hydroelectric power contribute to Iceland’s 100% renewable energy. They showed earth to act as their natural oven, just place your cooking pot below the sand, and boom, your meal is ready. 

Episode 2: Remember about wine tasting I talked about in the introduction, here is where they do water tasting and understand the benefits and reasons why the water tastes this way. A further detailed view of the water is shown when they pay a visit to France. 

Episode 3: What’s better than having a farm to Table experience in Costa Rica. Whatever seasonal fruit and vegetable are available on the farm, go and pick it yourself. I am in love with Costa Rica, after watching this episode. 

Episode 4: Can a low protein diet be a reason for long life? In this episode, they check the mental as well as the physical health of 100yrs old people and learn a few recipes for the Sardinian diet. We all want to live forever, but the fear of the inability of our organs in old age makes us cynical about it. And what’s better than you get to live a healthy life even at the age of 103yrs? 

Episode 5: Remember the potato we talked about, that’s all is here in this episode. The biodiversity and research to preserve our super foods from piracy and calamitic disaster. 

Episode 6: This episode is all about sustainability, how the people of Puerto Rico are recovering from the hurricane Lima and Maria and are reforming themselves. The fairly new community was the hero, as they have preserved drinking water sustainably and supplied it to people around when only visible water everywhere was that of Sea. 

Episode 7: Why the travel be limited to the countryside or places with less population. In this episode, they learned about environmental consciousness. How London was once the most polluted place and what impact the green wall is creating in clearing the pollution in the densely populated city. 

Episode 8: Although it’s the last episode, it was filled with treasures of Amazon Forest. The Ayahuasca foundation helps in detoxing you by various plants vapor and techniques. The natural food that tries from the Amazon forest and how can I forget to say, Zac tries to climb a tree in 2.37hrs but reaches nowhere 😛

Tragic fact: In Nov 2018, while shooting the last episode of this docuseries, Darin lost his house in Malibu in the Woolsey wildfire, which spread in 97000 acres damaging 1600 structures.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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