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Indoo Ki Jawani

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We have survived another week but there are very few new releases to show. But starting Monday, yes Monday.. there are a host of new releases on display and we will be reviewing most of the new content available. So if you haven’t yet, do bookmark our site and sit back and enjoy the content in store. But coming back to this weekend, I managed to watch Indoo Ki Jawaani that premiered on Netflix. The movie had a theatrical release in December but with little to no takers, this movie has now found its way to the prestiged OTT platform. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Indoo Ki Jawaani is the story of Indoo who irked by her friend calls a stranger over for a night of fun and pleasure. But little does she know that she would be inviting trouble for her. The story is just so ridiculous. More than the story it is the screenplay which is even more worse. In the world of Indoo, all men (young and old) are creepy and creatures that crave for lust. In the name of humour, this was a plot point that was passed and I don’t know how. To be fair the first 10 odd minutes were decent enough but it went all south from there. And here I was sitting through the movie, hoping for some respite that just doesn’t arrive. In fact even in 2021, Bollywood is continuing serve a cringefest. Not sure why would you do that when there are potentially a million untapped stories waiting to be told. The writers should be fined for this debacle. The end message is good but the storyline was ridiculously bad that negated it.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are corny and will make you uncomfortable. The music is decent but again a mandatory remix to display that apparent illogical nostalgia. Director Abir Sengupta is definitely not upto the mark. This is a hot mess and some of the responsibility lies with him.


Iqbal Khan as Avinash is decent in a cameo. I felt sorry for the veteran Rajesh Bedi was reduced to a creep. Shivam Kakkar as Kittu is ridiculously irritating. Mallika Dua as Sonal needs to brush up her acting skills. I really felt for Aditya Seal. As Samar he has done a good job and probably the lone shining light in the acting department. But he needs to be smarter with his script selection. Kiara Advani as Indoo looks gorgeous for sure and her acting isn’t bad. But with a ridiculously bad script, there is little that she could do. She again needs to choose her scripts wisely.


Indoo Ki Jawaani is not bad……….. it is VERY BAD. It ended up giving me a headache. Just steer clear. Available on Netflix.

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