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Ginny weds Sunny

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It has been almost a year since I have attended a marriage function. These functions usually have a certain type of vibe attached to it, and the easiest thing for you is to attend the function. And the toughest part may you ask? Probably, the journey of the couple, overcoming innumerous problems to finally getting to spend their lives together. Another weekend is here and I have just finished watching Ginny Weds Sunny on Netflix, should you attend this wedding, lets find out.

Ginny Weds Sunny(and a big spoiler in the title itself) is the story of Sunny who is asked to woo Ginny by her mother, a girl who he thinks is out of his league. The story is old wine in a new bottle and done to death millions of times in Bollywood. The screenplay though is breezy and decently engaging but also cliched. The world of NCR(where the story is set) featuring dozens of Punjabi families is perfectly captured. While you know what is coming your way(and by the way the plot is extremely predictable), it is the journey of the leads that will keep you invested. The dialogues are decent but I had an issue with the BGM which tries(and double underlines) to be funny in places with a weird sound that you would normally find in any of the 90s movies. Director Puneet Khanna does a good job though the writing here was too vanilla although breezy(but this is what you had signed up for).

Rajiv Gupta as Pappi Sethi who plays Sunny’s father has done a good job, a character who emerges above the stereotypical lines given to him. Ayesha Raza as Shobha essaying the role of Ginny’s mother is as usual outstanding. Gurpreet Saini as Sumit in a cameo does manage to tickle your funny bone. Mazel Vyas as Nimmi again in a cameo is excellent. Sanchita Puri as Prerna does manage to make her presence felt. Suhail Nayyar as Nishant, what a fine actor and he just nails his role. His accent is pitch perfect and I was totally sold by his acting. Yami Gautam as Ginny is perfectly cast here. She definitely rises above the written material at hand and delivers a stupendous performance. Vikrant Massey as Sunny(and boy is he on a roll) in his first commercial outing of sorts is terrific and totally fits the bill. He is shy and fiery both at the same time and at times charming too. His chemistry with Yami is infectious and keeps the ball rolling as far as the movie is concerned. It will be fair to say that the performances rescue the movie in a big way by adding a shade of freshness.

Ginny Weds Sunny is light and breezy and can be watched on a leisurely afternoon wherein you just need to relax. You might just end up loving the lead pair by the end of it. Available on Netflix.

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