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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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The weekend is here but we have loads of content to review so let us roll our sleeves up and get started. First up, I finished watching the new Hindi webseries Masoom streaming on Hotstar. Now it was while researching about it(I generally follow this practice for almost every content which I review), I got to know that this is an official adaptation of the Irish show Blood. Again, I haven’t watched the original and so I had absolutely no reference of the subject matter at hand except for the fact that this is a thriller. So then is Masoom worth your time, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

An official adaptation of the Irish series Blood, Masoom follows the story of a girl who returns home after her mother’s death only to realise that something is amiss. The story unfolds like a neo-noir thriller and has shades of the series Tabbar in terms of the mood of the drama. The thing with neo-noir thrillers is that the focus is mainly on the mood of the drama along with building a world around it. And this is where the drama scores! The screenplay standing at 6 episodes of roughly 30 odd minutes means you can definitely binge watch this show in a single go! I was instantly sold from the outstanding opening act which was filled with mystery and intrigue.

You are introduced to the foggy world through the eyes of the protagonist in the most layered fashion. The entire opening sequence leading upto the protagonist discovering the death of her mother is built in a mysterious manner. Add to it, a mix of an interesting bunch of characters with the father at the helm of it and you can almost instantly sense that something isn’t right here. The slow burn nature of the drama adds a lot of texture as you find yourself nicely settling into the drama.

Slowly but surely, the layers start peeling off but not before a series of twists and turns which will keep you invested. It is during this period that you really wish to know the mystery behind the death of the character of the mother. Now I really want to talk more about the final act bit anything which I say will act as a spoiler. So while trying to curb myself, all I can say is that the final act is shocking but emotional and it will swell up your eyes. Another interesting bit is that the mood of the drama is maintained throughout and that is what makes this drama consistently fascinating. Overall, the screenplay is brilliantly penned and it manages to hold your attention throughout and also ending the show on a cliffhanger for season two.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

This is a dialogues heavy series and you need to pay attention to the dialogues actively. The lines are cerebral and I also enjoyed the poetry which was introduced in the narrative. The music is terrific and it has a mystery around it too. The BGM is pretty good but a slightly memorable tune could have been used throughout the narrative to add an element of mystery to it. The cinematography is excellent capturing elememts of nature exquisitely and also creating an ambience of mystery and intrigue. Director Mihir Desai who is known for his previous ‘Mirzapur’ outing, has done an incredibly good job. He is able to create a world filled with mystery which he is able to keep intact right till the end. And so the direction deserves brownie points here!


The performances are terrific. Sarika Singh as Romi and Sukhpal Singh as Manpal have their moments to shine. Akashdeep Arora as Monty is pretty good in his character. It was a pleasure watching Manurishi Chadha in the role of a cop. Manjari Phadnis as Sanjana is excellent here and I suspect her character to be a center of attention in the second season. Upasana Singh as Gunwant is a highly underrated actor. And she delivers quite a heartfelt performance here. Veer Rajwant Singh as Sanjeev is fabulous and his portrayal of a gay character was indeed a refreshing approach! Samara Tijori as Sana continues her good form from Bob Biswas. The audience watch the drama unfold through her gaze which meant she needed to hold the attention throughout. A minor conflict(an underwritten one) of her imagining things was a nice little dilemma which she portrayed beautifully. She is excellent in the series. But the star of the show is the veteran actor Boman Irani who is absolutely magnificent as Dr. Balwant. The shades which he brings to his character is surreal. From being calculative to vulnerable yet being well measured throughout, this is a memorable acting performance by him! I really wish to watch him often and now with his forray into the OTT space, this might just become a reality.


Masoom is a thrilling yet emotional neo-noir drama which is an absolutely brilliant watch. Available on Hotstar and Highly Recommended!

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