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Luka chhupi bohot hui,
Saamne aa jaana,
Kahaan kahaan dhunda tujhe,
Thak gayi hai ab teri ma.

This song is probably the most gut wrenching song for a mother who may have lost her child. As they say, the most painful thing in life for parents is to lose their children. Each word in this song is a needle, pricking you just enough to feel that pain, the pain that will eventually float in your heart for times to come.

The weight of a child would probably be the heaviest for a mother while performing his last rites. The feeling of disbelief would creep in, expecting to see her child everytime the door bell rings or hear him when the phone lets out a cry. His voice might even echo from the pictures in her phone, while she would unsuccessfully plead to her child to return back to her.

The child would also try communicating to the mother that he is in a better place, free from all the worries and more importantly that he is content and happy. But if given a choice, he would trade anything to unite with his mother and once again sleep in her lap peacefully like he used to! Alas, his excruciating voice is unable to reach her, signifying how lonely he is without her, even though he is in a better place, eagerly awaiting his natural instincts to find his mother.

My mother, mamma as I call her,  was conceived with twins and only one survived. Each time I look at her, there is this pain buried under several layers of love. A pain which is unmatched, that of losing her second child. I still feel she misses him dearly! He would have turned 32 this month which was sadly not to be. The love of one child is all she is surviving on! May that love continue for times to come. As the lines go…teri raah take ankhiyaan, jaane kaisa kaisa hoye jiya, I store my love a little more for her!

Luka Chhupi uniquely makes your tears trickle and your heart melt, each time you hear it. Death was never so bitter yet so sweet as the song makes it to be. As is the world we are transported to with it! And yet that feeling of longing lingers on….As the lines go,

Maine jharno se paani ma,
Todke piya hai,
Guccha guccha khwabon ka,
Uchhal ke chhua hai,
Chhaya liya bhali dhoop yahaan hai,
Naya naya sa roop yahaan hai,
Yahaan sab kuch hai ma phir bhi,
Lage bin tere mujhko akele.

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